Floatation chewed by squirrel

Just bought a used Prodigy 12 and love it. The stern bulkhead needs to be resealed. Silicone? The front flotation has been partially chewed by squirrels. Still 90 percent fine, but any idea how to patch that? Thanks much. Jerry

Don’t use silicone. Use Lexel. You can use the search button above for “bulkhead repair” or “bulkheads” and get lots of info.

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If it only got about 10% chewed, I would test it out and make sure it still floats fine, and that the foam block isn’t going to work loose. I have a canoe that mice chewed the foam for years, and it still floats when filled.

If you think it needs a fix, scrap away partially chewed foam with a sureform rasp, shape a flat surface and glue another 3 or 4 inch thick block of closed cell foam to the original block with contact cement. Before you glue it shape the new piece with a sureform rasp so it is a tight fit in the bow.

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And shoot the squirrels.

They are long gone!

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