Floatation for kayak?

I have an Emotion Glide kayak. It has a floatation bag in the stern but I need one for the bow. Are there any alternatives other than buying an expensive float bag on-line?


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...is to buy those "pool" noodles and cut to size and stuff them where you can. not as pretty or efficient as a air bag but anything is better than no flotation at all. another extreme option is to buy a beach ball and inflate as practical and stuff it in the bow. If you type in " flotation foam" in a search engine. you'll get all sorts of expensive options. A final option is to buy closed cell foam and make your own center wall under the bow like they have in whitewater kayaks.

Anything you jury-rig like noodles or beach balls have to be secured inside the boat so they don’t pop out and float away. Putting in a foam wall is better but doesn’t yield much positive flotation.

If the price of float bags bugs you, maybe get a combo storage/float bag, which is essentially an inflatable dry bag that doubles as a float bag. NRS has some, Spirit Line, etc. At least they are like two pieces of gear. Mine from Spirit Line have lasted 5 years so far.

Is $25 bucks expensive ?

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How much is your life worth in a capsize situation?
Can you swim the mile or two back to shore ?
What did you spend on the vest $ 10.00 ?
Float bags don't have to be expensive

multi use

you asked

Your so right!
I’ve purchased a VHF radio, a very nice Stohlquist PDF,wetsuit, bilge pump, paddle float etc… Which none of it will do me much good if my kayak is nose down in the water. Thanks for waking me up!

I deserved that!

Cleopatra’s Needle
You do bring up a point easily overlooked.

Water weighs 8 lbs per gallon - it’s really, really heavy

If the nose/tail sinks way down in the water and the

boat bobs up and down with only a tip exposed,

it’s called the Cleopatra’s Needle position.

Extremely Difficult to lift a boat weighing

well over 100 lbs up to water line for recovery.


Ditto on the pool noodles
We used them in sailboats all the time.

I just read about the needle.
I just read this book: Sea Kayaker’s Deep Trouble: True Stories and Their Lessons from Sea Kayaker Magazine.

It was an awesome book! Many of the stories had tragic endings or near death experiences due to not having sufficient floatation for their kayaks. One of the things they talked about was Cleopatra’s needle. I had never heard of it before.

I’ve only been kayaking since last spring. I practiced my re-entry numerous times last summer with my paddle float. I’m pretty good at getting back in. But to think I could have flipped my kayak with only floatation in the stern, makes me feel so stupid. My two friends I kayak with, didn’t know that either. That’s why I’ve been reading on line, and reading books to learn…learn…learn. I just started reading on this forum. There’s alot of knowledgeable kayakers like you to learn from. Thanks for your help!