Floatation in a QCC kayak

Looking for some advice on installing flotation in the front of a QCC 400X. This boat has only a rear bulkhead and I have been asked to install front flotation. I was thinking of using glue-on rings like I use in my whitewater boat it secure the bag in place. Any other ideas?

Use an inflatable float bag like those used in whitewater boats. They sell them in many different sizes. As long as it doesn’t create foot-entrapment issues (unlikely) it’s an effective, economic solution. NRS and Harmony are both reputable brands.

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What high-desert said, if you get the right size bag (take measurement of the space from in front of your footpegs to the bow), the footpegs will actually hold the inflated bag in place even in a capsize. Test it out. If the bag does pop out, run some string loops between the hull and foot peg rail, in front of the foot pegs. Use velcro straps to run through the float bag gromlets and the string loops to hold in place.