Floating phone case

After a disagreement with a tree I ended up with my Galaxy phone under water for too long. Again. The phone rescue was the first time I actually needed my drysuit. The phone works now but water got into the lens of the main camera, blurring every shot and making it less than useful for paddling.

I’ve used cases before and despite the marketing claims to the contrary I had to take the phone out to get a picture and frequently just to get the touch screen to work. You can lose a lot of shots that way. Lanyard worked but makes me paranoid about entanglements with all the eye-stabbing, glasses-grabbing branches that I have to hack thru on the river.

It occurs to me that since most phones are IP68 rated these days a waterproof case is overkill - I just need a llife preserver to keep it from sinking so I can keep it under a deck bungie and use it instantly. Found just what I was looking for on Amazon. Perfectly kevburg-proof: unlosably blaze orange, lots of padding, floats, but unfortunately only fits a few iThings. https://www.amazon.com/Temdan-Floating-Dropproof-Shockproof-Protective/dp/B0CH7V4DBC Also found this video, great Idea if I had sewing skills: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9wBPPL3BbM

I have since ordered a case to which I plan to glue white closed cell foam and some kind of notches for the bungie. Wondering if anyone else has done something similar.


I have two Minolta camera’s. Both are good for up to 20 feet underwater. I leash them to the kayak. (Minolta MN30WP—Minolta MN40WP) They have fallen overboard or been knocked overboard by the paddle or my foot when getting out numerous times. No problems yet.

Good double sided tape and a piece of 1/4" ethafoam cut to length or two cable ties. You could put a thin bungee lanyard to the cable ties also. No need to sew.

I had a little buoy from West Marine tethered to mine for awhile.

My sewing skills being what they are I went with plan A and ordered a case from Amazon. It came with its own nice slippery foam life preserver material. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CBP9SPWD?th=1I’m using Scotch (also 3M) Super 77 spray adhesive, we’ll see how well it holds up.

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My iPhone was supposed to be waterproof and water collected inside near the charger port and then I had to switch to induction charger because that never worked again. But that’s not too bad considering the years around water.