floating the yough


what neck of the river do you float? i’ve rafted down the middle, but haven’t fished any of it yet! i’ve rode the trail from boston to confluence, looks like some good spots in there!

Usually Connelsville.
My usual starting point is Connellsville. Connellsville to West Newton is an all day trip especially with frequent stops for fishing. The lenght of float can be shortened if desired. There is a lot of good fishing water between the two. It’s very easy paddling. No whitewater. Lots of excellent scenery. You have to make sure the river is high enough as during the summer months it gets low in a few spots and even in a kayak you may have to get out and walk thru. Not too many of those spots.

It looks like it’s going to be a few weeks yet until the fishing starts to pickup. I’ve been trout fishing the West Newton section for the last few weeks with no luck at all. The West Newton Sportsman Club has been stocking since the first week of March every week. The water is extremely cold right now which is my guess why the fish are not hitting. Had snow on the ground yesterday morning on my way to the river.

As sone as this weather starts to warm up things should pickup. I’ll let you know.


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I put in at Dawson and float to Layton most often. It's only about eight miles but can take me six hours if the fishing is good. Connellsville to Layton, I need to start pretty early to get it all in for the day. I'm old and move slow though, sometimes take a nap at the riffles beach between Dawson and Layton. I bring a trash bag and clean up the beach where people sneak down from the bike trail to party around the fire. They make a mess. Glad to see others are enjoying this beautiful river!

Thanks for posting. I’m hoping to hit the Yough some this summer as my sister and dad live near there. Each have had it tough lately and could use a break from time to time. To bad for me though, because I’ll have to pass several good rivers just to get there. C’est la vie.

Maybe I’ll see you out there. With Dad or sis along, I’ll be using an old Coleman Scanoe, and probably wearing a blue el cheapo Stearns PFD with a mesh top and a straw hat for paddling and fishing a no-WW section. May even anchor and wade. If you see me, be sure to hail the boat and come over for a visit. I’m not going to get hyper about someone interupting my fishing because fishing is just an interuption to responsibilities and the longer you interrupt my fishing, the longer I’ll be interrupted from responsibility!

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Yock River, PA

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I don't mess with 2 vehicles to shuttle me and the boat upstream, or someone to shuttle the vehicle down stream. I use Hazelbakerscanoes.com at Layton.
You can safely park your vehicle at their lot. For about 15 bucks, they will shuttle your boat, 2 people and all your gear upstream as far as Connellsville. For the West Newton area, go to youghcanoe.com for a similar shuttle service for that stretch of the Yock.
If you plan a weekend trip, call them during the week before so you get your preferred time for the shuttle bus. Tight lines and enjoy, it's a nice river.

floating the yough

i was looking at the trail map and that look’s like pretty long float. how do you get up river? cost? lenght time wise(ave.)? i’ve biked from cedar creek to connellsville took about 3hrs round trip apx(44 mi.). i looked at a pungo 12’ at ems sunday but i can’t decide, yet. also like the quest(a little steep $) and the scrambler xt or xl. i believe gander mtn can order the scramblers

hope to see you on the water later on!

ever have any luck at green lick? high point? cranberry glade? somerset?

Pungo and current
I’d recommend against the Pungo and to go with it’s cousin the Pamlico for use in rivers with strong current. The hard chines can make for some squirrelly results. Pungo is a great boat, it’s just that I think the Pamlico is a more predictable and therefore better boat for the application of fishing in rivers with strong current.

The other boats you mentioned are good, but be careful of exposed scupper holes on the SOT’s if you’re going to be fishing rivers with shallow rocks or ledges. You can bust a hole on the edge of the exposed scupper hole. It won’t keep you from paddling, but can be a pain in the backside having to stop and drain the boat more frequently than necessary. Many of the SOT designs are getting better about recessing the edges of the scupper holes. Not sure which models are which, just take a look and be careful when you buy.

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Thanks a million
I’ll bear that in mind. I’ve got a rack built on my pickup rigged to carry up to three canoes or I don’t even know how many kayaks (five is the most so far but there was room for more), but that only covers one end of the shuttle.

Great advice.

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Connellville to West Newton
Connellsville to West Newton is a long float trip. 20 plus miles i believe. The length of float can be shortened as desired. It takes a full day from early morning to evening to fish/paddle this stretch. What i usually do is have my wife drop me off and when i get to my destination i call and she picks me up. Not a problem for me as i live in Youngwood which is’t far from either. If i’m planning on doing a lot of fishing i usually shorten the trip.

I’ve tried Greenlick but never did very well there. Never tried High Point or Cranberry. I’ve had both good and bad days at Somerset Lake.

Donegal Lake can be good in the spring and early summer until the thick weeds come in.

There is also Yellowcreek,Keystone State Park, Keystone Power Dam,Allegheny River, Lake Arthur, Clarion River,Kahle Lake. I usually try to go to a different place every weekend during the fishing season.

fishin’ places

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wow you really get around sw pa. greenlick has some walleye near the breast but very picky about what they like(so i'm told by the warden). somerset is the same for me( caught my first legal walleye and pike there last year), high point( me 5# 23" bucket mouth, spouse 2 22" smallies) so that was pretty nice, oh yeah and a bunch of perch. cranberry a lot of near legal pike.

i believe that this year i'm going to be on the river,when i get a yak ,still looking!! really like the prowler 13 and the quest( alot of money but could be worth the investment) good boats that i won't outgrow!

i bid you tight lines and a dry ride, sir!!

I’ve got a buddy who fishes from a Prowler 13 and thinks it’s the cat’s meow. This is his third of fourth kayak for fishing. He fishes both big water (Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and other salty spots) as well as shallow, rocky, ledge-filled rivers. Based on his positive reports and what you’ve said your needs are, that could be a real good boat for you.

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the cat’s meow
thanks for the input bigd

i haven’t read a bad review about it and the guys at kfs highly recommended it. cabela’s is now selling it also,$800 for the angler addition i think. also talked with the rep at ok and they said there isn’t alot of difference between the reg. model and the angler. might be easier to put rod holders, clips,ect…on myself. we’ll have to wait a little longer(till taxes come in)before deciding which yak, but i’m really chompin’ at the bit to git goin’

what part of virginia you in? i was stationed in norfolk years ago, it wasn’t to bad. reminded me of here in pa a little!

i bid you tight lines and a dry ride

I’m in Northern Virginia
Loudoun County for a little more precision.

It’s a lot like Pennsylvania here, 'cept our hills aren’t as steep, our roads are better, and we’ve got way too many people for my taste.

It’s not far, come on down and sample the Potomac or the Shenandoah sometime. You’ll feel right at home. I’d love to meet you. I’ve got a few 'yaks, so you’d be welcome to borrow one to see what you like or don’t like about it.

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HI guys!
Floated the Yough from Connelsville to Layton with my partner in my old MRX. Nice fishing and nice float. It’s about 13 miles and a good day trip with plenty of time for fishing.

I’ll second using Hazelbakers outfitters for the shuttle, well worth the money and nice folks.

Had good luck with smallies on shallow running rapalas and even caught a sauger or two.

It can be very bony so with a royalex or plastic boat no worries. If the water is up there is one significant rapid below Dawson but still classI.

Missing out on the Kinzua outing this weekend with a bunch of Pnet folks so really thinking of heading to lake Arthur for a few hours and teaching the new Pup about canoes. Perhaps.