floating wharf

Does anyone know where I can get information on a floating wharf.

It’s for the Dragon Boat ladies in Newfoundland.

There is a dry dock type wharf available for canoes and kayaks that would serve their purposes well but I can’t track down where I saw it.

Thank you.


here it is:

Safest I’ve seen
Dave Adler of East Coast Outfitters here in Nova Scotia has a really nice H-shaped kayak dock setup that actually has a bottom (underwater) between the “H” legs so your boat is only in about 6" of water while you’re clambering in and out. Very safe.

I think he designed it himself, but I’m sure he’d share the specs with you. Just Google him or shoot me a note offlist and I’ll get you in touch.


Thanks Glenn
I will pass this on.

Thank you.
That is exactly the link I was looking for.

I don’t know how well it will work but it is a good option.

Thank you again.