Flood warnings now. Just great.

First ice. Then 20-50mph wind two weekends in a row. A few nice warm days and a mostly gentle thaw and I’m thinking, “Yeah, strap that boat down and head to the creek after Saturday morning Bible study.” Then I look at the weather. Flood warnings. Flood! First all the water is ice, and now there’s too much of it.

Freaking Ohio valley sending their water via a low pressure system. And you folks along the Coast aren’t helping either with your second low pressure front and all that water from the Gulf. Can’t you guys stagger this stuff? I mean, is it so hard?

  • Big D

Water temp is mid to upper 60’s on
E. Texas lakes and rivers. Trying to work out a float fishing trip the 10th in North Central Texas on the Brazos. But I’m pissed about the front coming through on Saturday, can only fish the weekend…usually can on Mondays, but have to take my son back to college. Temps are going to drop to the low to mid 60’s, wind gusts in the 20’s.

The way she’s behaving today…
If you’re going to miss your child at college, I’ll let you borrow one of mine for a while. Maybe I’ll do a paddle while I’m down there delivering her.

-Big D

Don’t need another young one, have
a nearly 4 year old grandson living with us. Had hoped to rid of all creatures younger than 55, except for visits, by now. Hasn’t worked out.

My daughter is 5. They’ll get along great. Send me your address and I’ll get her on a train this afternoon.

  • Big D

How is she in a canoe? I might be able
to use her as catfish bait as I’ve threatened to do with my grandson. Aren’t they great at that age? Problem with boys, though, it takes forever to potty train them.

Welcome to my world
Seems we’ve had floods here in the Buckeye State for several years now and this one has been no exception. Went from ice to floods on my local streams two weeks ago. I’ve been monitoring creek levels and it looked like we might finally have fishable water again until this latest deluge hit. Couldn’t beg, borrow or steal a February smallmouth and ended my smallie streak at 56 months.

I’ll be Bristol bound at the end of March and plan to spend 4-5 days exploring some of your western VA waters Derek. The Clinch, Holston and New River smallies will be seeing an invasion of Buckeyes with rec yaks and fishing gear. Hopefully you and Hersch will be seeing reports of a lot of pig smallmouths swimming around with little band aids on their sore lips this spring.

Cool for you
I’ve always wanted to paddle/fish the Holston and Clinch, and as you know the New River Valley is just about my favorite place in the world.

I’ve been reading up on smaller rivers in my neck of the woods. Seems like there’s a bunch of little Class II rivers with a Class III rapid thrown in here and there. I’m eager to get exploring. This year is going to be concentrated on getting my girls out on the water in the rowing Scanoe or kayaks, though. Maybe when they get a little bigger. I’m also hoping to do some car camping with them. Gotta get these girls broke in to the outdoors. There’s a bunch of little campgrounds close by. You’ve been in a few of them, I think.

  • Big D

you ohio guys…
where do you get all this time off? when do you think you might be out our way ken? i have been wanting to do the areas you mentioned for a while now. are you going to do the james rodeo this april? i didn’t make the ones previous , but plan on making it this year…mikey

Low 61-high 87
Water temp coming up too. I think I will go fishing.

Oh yeah!
Well we’ve got another 3" of snow forecast for today. I think I’ll sit in my basement and wish I was fishing. I was hoping to get my boat wet this weekend, but we’ve been having high winds the last three weekends, and the temps have stayed low. Yesterday high was around 20. Wind was constant 20mph. So take that! (or something)

  • Big D

Doing a river fishing trip Saturday thru
Monday, expected highs in the mid 70’s, lows a chilly upper 30’s, brrrr. Water is warm enough for short periods of wet wading. Hopefully, the white bass will be in the river for the spawning run.