Flooding in the Ozarks

The rivers that we float on the Spring and Fall Rendezvous are flooding right now. I pray that the outfitters, campgrounds, and access points that we use do not receive too much damage.

The Jacks Fork at Mountain View looks like it has just peaked at 25,000 cfs and just shy of 22 feet.

Current River at Akers is at 30,000 cfs and 18.7’ but still rising sharply.

Not Too Pretty…
…around here right now. Imagine this being about 20’ under water:


At least that unsightly group of miscreants and malefactors would be out of view.


– Last Updated: Dec-30-15 2:24 AM EST –

Here's Hebron Bridge on the North Fork:

Out of view
Tom and I are standing next to my canoe. Only the top of my hat and a bit of pfd are not blocked by Tom.

yes Dick
But there is a very nice view of my rear end.