Florence - Mother to Leslie?

Florence has left a lingering trail and may not be done… Forecasters looking out at the developing 90L in mid-Atlantic:

A portion of Florence’s remains could develop next week
The Saturday morning runs of our top three models for predicting tropical cyclone genesis—the European, GFS, and UKMET models—all predicted development by Tuesday of a non-tropical surface low pressure system that closed off on Saturday in the Central Atlantic, about 900 miles west-southwest of the Azores Islands. This low is being invigorated by a portion of Florence’s remnants. SSTs are unusually warm in this region, about 25 - 26°C (77 -79°F), which is more than 1°C above average. The low will get cut off from the jet stream and meander in an area of weak steering currents for many days. In their 8 am EDT Saturday Tropical Weather Outlook, NHC gave this system 2-day and 5-day odds of development of 60% and 70%, respectively. The next name on the list of Atlantic storms is Leslie.


Leslie Leslie go away
Come again another day

Leslie’s no lady out upon the water,
she musters her bluster to twist as Devil’s daughter,
wandering Atlantic non-pedantic of pattern nor plan,
distressing and messing the ship-to-shore of man.

Let’s hope the accent on Leslie is on the Less!

Leslie formed. She is going to stay in the mid Atlantic, blowing up from subtropical to nontropical. A near perfect fish storm.

Surf forecast already call for long period swells to the NE by the end of this coming weekend.


If the projections stay on, Leslie is going to generate some nice texture in the Atlantic water well into next week.



Leslie is taking on a close loop again. The area is huge! (Top middle of the sat GIF):


BTW. The deep red loop nearing the Windward Islands (middle bottom) is a resurging TS Kirk.

The latest: