florida area multi day trip?

I live in florida and am looking to do a multi-day trip with other people or a company. Sea kayaks are what we have (2 QCC’s) and would be interested in coastal or something interesting, something that really feels like an expedition. If anyone has any feedback let me know of good trips. I looked in the stuff in the ads on paddling.net but nothing really jumped out at me. I would love to do some island crossing stuff, same navigation, ocean or salt water stuff would be interesting.

The Keys come to mind!!!

There’s just too many…
places to go. Where in Florida are you? What would you like to see?

There are some amazing river trips in the panhandle, there is the salt water ‘circumnavigational trail’ , the everglades, the big bend area, the nature coast, just too many.

E-mail me if you’d like, I may join you for a paddle, and discuss it further. We live in central Florida.


Need more info:
I might be able to help you out.

Especially if you are interested in south Florida.

One good trip that comes to mind is the eight mile crossing from Biscayne National Park to Elliot Key.

You camp out there for as many days as you want and do day trips while you are out there.

Another good one is out of Key Largo. You paddle out to Nest Key and then camp out there.

Another good one is in the lower Keys.

Leave from Sugarloaf Key, and paddle out about nine miles past the Snipe Keys to Snipe POint.

There are a couple of nice camp sites out there, if you don’t get caught by the patrol folks.

There are many overnighters in the 10,000 Islands, and I can recommends several

If you want day trips, I have almost a hundred with descriptions, distances, waypoints, launches, etc. and I’ll be glad to send any of them to you.

I highly recommend and admire what you are looking for and that is what my wife and myself have done for many years.



everglades or keys trail

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you can google paddling trails in florida but in the keys you can go to Florida Bay Outfitters to get alot of information (key largo). this time of year the hotel to hotel type trip would be good. Too late in the season to do any camping. I've already put away my camping toys :-(

The everglades in the winter is what I would recommend. Johnny Molloy is revising his paddling guide to the wilderness waterway so look for it. Great planning aid.

FL Saltwater Paddle Trail
Florida has just about completed their circumnavigation Saltwater paddle trail. Here is a link to it:


What FL has done is divide their entire cost into 26 segments, with places to sleep in each segment. Sometimes their are primitive campsites on State land, sometimes you can camp at a private campground, and sometimes you need to stay at a hotel. There are descriptions (as well as maps with GPS points) for each segment indicating where to stay.

The Big Bend Paddle trail has become part of the Saltwater Paddle Trail. I believe it is 100+ miles long, with primitive campsites all the way.

I’ve paddled part of the Saltwater Paddle trail around the Big Bend area of Tallahassee (segments 4, 5, and 6). Feel free to ask if you have any qestions.

Port Everglades
I used to live in Miami and there was one trip that I really wanted to do, but never got around to it. It was a guided multi-day paddle one-way from Port Everglades to Marco Island, with primitive camping for several nights. It’s been quite a few years, so I don’t even know if it’s still available.

I am trying to figure out route from Port Everglades in Ft Lauderdale to the west coast, Marco Island?

Maybe some rivers and canals
and spring runs through the middle of the state.

I wonder if the poster meant Everglades City.

You could leave from there and camp a night or two along the way (cape Romano, etc)



Sorry, my mistake
I don’t know why I said Port Everglades. Actually I meant from Everglades National Park. In fact, as I recall, the trip left from Flamingo.

island hopping…
Do a search for Cayo Costa state park. We are leaving next week from Pine Island (Pineland Marina) then paddling around Black Key, Part Island, Useppa (the launch point for the Bay of Pigs invasion), lunching at the Cabbage Key Inn and then ending up at Cayo Costa to camp overight. That’s about 8.5 miles of paddling in pretty water. We’ll return to Pine Island on Sunday.