Florida Canoe Symposium

The registration package for the Florida Canoe Symposium is now on line at www.freestylecanoeing.com.

The symposium will be held March 21-24 on the campus of the Florida State College in Yulee.

A significant change this year will be an optional, full day, CREEKIN FREESTYLE class on March 25th. This class will be held on the N. Prong of the St. Mary’s River, about an hour from the Yulee Campus. The N. Prong of the St. Mary’s River is a beautiful, narrow, twisting stream with modest current. Those familiar with the Mullica River or the Batsto River in the NJ Pine Barrens will find they have a lot in common. I’ll post additional information about the symposium in general and the creekin class in particular over the coming weeks and months.

There will likely be additional discussion on the FreeStyle Face Book page.

Don’t be intimidated by the discussion of FreeStyle. All canoeists or would be canoeists are welcome. We offer instruction at all levels, from beginner on up.

Marc Ornstein

Dogpaddle Canoe Works

paddling before or after symposium
I am not certain I will be able to attend the event this year, but if I do I would be interested in spending a few days either before or after the symposium paddling in the Ocala Florida area.

If anyone thinks they might be interested send me a message or post interest here.

There are usually some of us

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who run around the Edisto,Suwanee ,Ocala, Wacissa Homosassa (maybe this year) Alapaha for a week before FCS. We might get organized after Christmas.

not just for straight shaft types
I learned a lot and had a lot clarified by Marc at one lesson, and I am a well known low life no good pond scum hit and switch type of paddler!

Bent shafts
In tandem freestyle, bent shafts are used very effectively by some paddlers. The angle of the blade allows one to get the blade flat on the surface for some low braced maneuvers.the bent shaft can also be used to advantage when executing wedges. I’m just scratching the surface here. Charlie could expound much further on this subject.

bring any sort of paddle you like
We can work with it. Great way to play with others toys too, as there is plenty of opportunity to try out stuff other paddlers have.

Marc mentioned tandem. If you have any interest in tandem do sign up for classes or a class, even if you do not have a partner. We have had some great all guys teams and mixed couples who are each married to someone else.

Super program, skilled and patient
instructors, neat demonstrations, fun participants, great for beginners, learned a lot and had a very enjoyable long weekend. R

Unsolicited testimonial
Although I have been absent in recent years due to advancing age, I did attend several times a few years back. When I first went, I did not know what I did not know. They patiently and methodically started me down the road to competent paddling. The change is dramatic, you go from being a frustrated paddler to a joyful one. I’ve since expanded my canoeing activities and horizons. Had I not learned form these fine folks, I probably would have dropped the sport.


Yeah, but Peter, . . .
. . . it so motivated you that you then bought 27 open canoes at about $6000 each. Folks might want to figure that into the budget.

I also recommend the (formerly entitled freestyle) canoe symposiums.

Make sure to ask about the reverse christie.

But he sold most of them
for $7000 each. The only 6000 associated with that Blue Hole was its weight in ounces.

It would be nice to see both of you “grumpy old men” back. Glenn does a mean job with the rocking chair.

Save the rocking chair
I’m likely to make it this year to learn the cross reverse christie, but I won’t know for sure until late January or so.

My daughter moved from Jacksonville, a suburb of FCS’s venue at Yulee, to Tallahassee.

Paddling is not
like playing the violin. One Stradvirius is not enough. You need one for each concert.

:slight_smile: Peter

Cross Reverse Christi

It’s really very simple. Position yourself in cross transverse, paddle in reverse, initiate with a hard cross reverse jay, palm roll into a low brace … perhaps it would be easier to show than to explain. I hope you make it. It’s been a while since we had a good argu… uhh discussion.

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Thats another neat thing
about “school”. Everyone gets into lively discussions at mealtimes and sometimes into the gentle dark Florida night.

The tables are leveled with the beverage of ones choice.

That is exactly what I fear.
I am content with my 3 kayaks, but there is some lingering feeling for canoes.

Hear, Hear!

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Well said, Pete, well said!

What about
You left out the violas, cellos, and bass fiddles.

A “string” fears a Stradivarius?

No, this string fears his wife if he
acquires a Stradivarius.

Well Pete
My favorite piece of chamber music is Schubert’s Piano Quintet in A major - the Trout Quintet. So, we’ll need to add a piano to the violin, viola, cello, and double bass.