Florida canoeing

Can anyone in Florida give me the basic 411 on canoeing in Florida? From the midwest and been to the BWCA a few times. Thanks.

Check our google web site
Lots of good stuff there.


Excellent canoeing all over Florida.

If you are looking for wilderness, try the 99 mile wilderness waterway in the Everglades National Park

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There are 700 miles of wilderness canoe
routes in the Everglades. The Wilderness Waterway is the most public one but there are many many other options.

There is a whole website devoted to paddling and hiking in the Glades.


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There are several guidebooks. This is an older but good one:


What part of Florida?
It’s good sized state. Here in the central area there are amazing spring runs that one really should see. Silver River, Rainbow River, and Juniper Run will knock your socks off.

Many of the river and spring runs leading to the gulf coast will encounter manatee and other wildlife sightings.

North Florida has a bit more rural feel to it, and the streams have more flow. Lovely area.

South Florida has a more tropical look to the river banks and a character all it’s own.

Check out the ‘Places to Paddle’ link on this website, too!


Here is another link
that will send you to many more links


try your library’s Florida section and


and Nigel Foster, Malloy, Keogh, Burnham, Carter.

Waters up and fall is here. Nice weather.

Florida is mainly sea kayaking. See Flamingo to Long Key here in ‘trips.’ Visit Flamingo, check with NPS on kayaking in Florida bay out of Flamingo, spectacular water.

There is an official with campsites sea kayak route from Panhandle to ? Jacksonville ?

Take a look at the Blackwater on the Panhandle near Milton. There’s a state park and a livery.

There’s livery: http://www.santaferiver.com/…excellent up into the park then down the Suwannee. Desoto territory, real Florida and a river sink of note.

A state park on the lower Suwannee where an expert can go aways down with tides and back…in a sea kayak.

The Okefanokee Swamp with park. A flyway during fall.

Sunglasses, hat, sunblock, gloves if white skinned.



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a quality head net. Buy 2.

If using DEET, spray lightly on clothing openings. Spray on a bandana over head net, lightly. Roll socks over pants. Use nylon pants, polyester long sleeve crew shirts 2 or more layers for bug armor.

Do not think of the warm water as safe water. Water is cool causing hypothermia in a few hours. We lost several athletes a few years ago off St Pete. Boaters drown all winter.

another suggestion

picked this book up a year ago and found it to be pretty accurate so far .


covers the whole state and breaks down longer stretches into manageable day trips

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Here’s the real link


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in Florida. Everyone there is from some other part of the U.S., who finally had the sense to get out of the snow and ice. If you meet someone whose family is actually from Florida, shake their hand and get to know them because they are extremely rare.



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Some of my friends there are black birds...boat tail grackles. Feed the Btg lunch, por favor.

Lots of options

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Florida has lots of lakes, rivers, bays and of course the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean to choose from. The state has a paddling guide- Florida Designated Paddling Trails that covers many of these. The Suwannee River offers over 200 miles of paddling from SE Georgia to the Gulf of Mexico. There is a Florida Circumnavigation paddling trail (1,515 miles). There are plenty of books on the everglades which is our most famous padding trail. It is a great state for paddling especially in the winter.


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I don’t think datakoll
paddles down here a lot. Sure, there may be a lot more places accessible with a sea kayak, but there are many miles of rivers and streams that a canoe will do well.

You should be prepared for sun and bugs, but it’s not all that bad.

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