Florida Everglades Canoe VIDEO

This past February my son and I loaded the canoe onto our van and drove from Canada to South Florida where we embarked on a 6 day canoe trek along the “Wilderness Waterway Trail” in Everglades National Park. It was a great winter break and it was nice for us to be paddling in the “off season” Here’s a link to a video we’ve put together if anyone is interested in a look at this sub-tropical destination. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdaCisbQstk&list=UUpsDOHysPzrBhn8S7zJ8f4w&index=1&feature=plcp

Thanks -Wayne-

There is way more in the Everglades than the WW or the Gulf. There are some seven hundred miles of canoe routes.

Most of us that have done more than one trip ( I have done seven) are off exploring some lesser known routes and rarely travel the Wilderness Waterway. Except for the WW, nothing is marked and going on what is called the Paddlers Waterway calls for strong navigational skill.

I chuckle that you got good weather for the big shallow bays. Often those are worse for waves than the Gulf!

So I hope you go back for more exploring. BTW the ground sites almost all were originally Calusa shell mounds. Homesteaders then pushed the Calusa out.


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Hey there Kayamedic, Thanks for the reply. Loved it down there, a great break from a Canadian winter! Ya, I hope to get back next winter and explore the southern half out of Flamingo. Also would love to do more paddling in and around the Florida Keys!