Florida Flatwater Kayak Buddy Needed Welaka, Palatka, Crescent City Area

Hi! I will be staying in Welaka for the month of January and would like to find paddle partners for relaxing paddles in the area. I don’t mind driving an hour or so to a good location! I’m more about “smelling the roses” than seeing how far one can paddle. I like to take my time, watch wildlife, listen to nature, and just enjoy being on the water. Slow moving meandering creeks and quiet lakes are my favorite types of locations but whenever I’m on the water I’m happy! :slight_smile:

I’m headed in other directions in January. Besides I’ve been told I paddle too fast, but I’m just trying to keep up with Qrusier. You might want to contact these folks Putnam Blueways & Trails CSO on Facebook or their web site… http://putnambluewaysandtrails.org/

They operate in your area. Many are sea kayakers that cover distance, but many are … site seers, " smelling the pickerel weed"…We don’t have roses in the water you know.

I recommend Dunns creek to Cresent lake and back. Launch at the Hwy 17 bridge south side ramp. Seven Sisters islands in the St Johns. Murphy island in the St Johns just out from the Dunns creek launch.

Had a very nice day for paddling, mid 70’s, little wind and no crowds. Saw a few gators and monkeys but for me the highlight of the trip was seeing two manatees. That was the first time I ever saw manatees on the Silver River in all the years that I have paddled it.

With the rodman dam and the lock cutting off the St johns it kinda makes you curious at to how they got to the Silver River. Must have come from up stream, Ocklawaha.