Florida Freestyle Symposium Update

  Florida Freestyle Symposium Update<br />

Posted by: mornstein on Dec-07-09 8:24 PM (EST)

Florida Freestyle Update

I’d like to thank those who have sent their registrations in early. The registrations received have brought us almost to the break even point on fixed expenses.

From the registrations and other communications received, it is clear that we’ll have plenty of instructors. Mark Molina has offered to do a “Heeling and Kneeling Class”. Although this is not shown on the registration form, you may write in the request. The fee will be the same as for other class offerings.

We’re still waiting for confirmation on the CPR Class.

Please keep in mind that space in the bunk houses is limited. If you plan on utilizing those accommodations, registering early will ensure your space.

I’ve already received several suggestions for day trips to be held after the symposium. One person has suggested he might lead a trip in the Sparkleberry swamp in South Carolina for those heading back north. If anyone has a specific trip request in the Jacksonville area or would like to lead an after event day trip in an area that they know, please send me an email. In a future update I’ll list the offerings.

With the first signs of real winter just beginning to reach those of us in the north , it’s a good time to start thinking about warm, sunny Florida.

Best holiday wishes to all.

Marc Ornstein

If I did a search, I probably could find your original post with the dates … or, I could ask you to repeat the dates … What is the date of the Sunshine State’s FS symposium?

March 19-21

Florida Freestyle Symposium
Thanks Kim,

You make my job so much easier.


Hey Mark
Do you make freestyle snow shovels? I am thinking something laminated and wrapped for strength. Yet you would want it to be light. Probably come in handy if you lived on the west end of say Lake Erie, or south of Lake Ontario,or maybe in Maine somewhere.

Freestyle Raking
At our Christmas party, one of our club members showed a home made video of proper leaf raking technique. George S. (MFS’08 & MFS’09) demonstrated proper forward and back rake stroke techniques - upright posture, vertical shaft perpendicular to the direction of leaf travel, overall power pull of no more than 18 inches before starting recovery - AND THEN he finished off with the most perfect Christie, turning himself and the leaves in a nearly effortless 180 degree turn.

All of this with a plastic rake! We can only imagine the effect of a Dogpaddle Rake.

Great idea!
when the water freezes, I may try practicing on ice skates with a cultivator rake to hook into the ice. Florida looks better all the time.

Wenonah, how was the freezing rain in your neighborhood on Sunday?

Kida hard to compete pricewise with
K mart, HD etc. What do you figure the market is for laminated, glass faced snow shovel? Of course if we could convince people that snow shoveling was fun and that they should come to symposiums for classes and to learn the finer techniques, hmmmmm, maybe this is something to work on. Let me give that some serious thought.

Marc Ornstein

Dogpaddle Canoe Works

Custom Paddles and Cedar Strip Canoes

I’ve given this all the thought
it’s worth. Nah, Florida is a much better idea.

I was at Paul Meyer’s (Colden Canoe) on Sunday. We was right in the thick (deep) of it. That Lake Erie snow band was right on top of him. None the less, he has hull #1 (Flashfire) on the horses being trimmed out. It’s a beautiful iridescent red and will have cherry trim. The new graphics are also cool. There should be one to see at FFS.

Marc Ornstein

Dogpaddle Canoe Works

Custom Paddles and Cedar Strip Canoes

Great on the canoe!

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I will be happy to bring excess snowshovels for an intro class at FFS, to illustrate its the paddler and not the paddle..LOL..

They might make Northerners feel right at home.

Noting the below CEW post there are quite a few snowshovel techniques so we can do Snowshovel Levels One through Five.

December shovelling is puny short strokes. March involves long sweeping lobs ten feet up to fit on top of the pile.

However you shovel it..torso rotation is key.

Special Class
I thought snow shoveling would fit right in w/ FreeStyle 3, reverse onside, and FS 5, Reverse Cross maneuvers?

It’s good to have the Winter Meeting of the solo canoe community back for 2010. I’ll be there.