Florida Freestyle Symposium

We now have a publicity poster and logo for the Florida Freestyle Symposium. Inspiration and “artistry” are from me. Technical assistance and layout are from Ray Halt. The paddling gator will be featured on the FFS T shirts.

I would appreciate it if those of you who can would make copies of the poster and place them in local paddling shops, club bulletin boards etc. If you’re able to have the poster included in a club brochure that would be appreciated as well.

Since I can’t place the poster directly on this message board, please email me directly for a copy. I will forward the file to anyone who requests it.

Registrations are continuing to come in and it would appear that we’ll have a good turnout.

Marc Ornstein


You coulda had the logo on the back of your PFD in this month’s attitude adjustment pic by Conk, but no…

put up a gator poster rounere,U get beat
I live 20 min from U. of TN. BUTT the pepz in the local clubs[choata,ETWC] might want to know about FFS.

Send me the info please.

datz right weunzs don’t like gators roundees parts. one week a year weunzs wer T-shurtz whadzays “gator HATOR”

Send me an email address and I’ll send you the file.

Marc Ornstein


Hind Sight
Hind sight Charlie. Maybe we can take a suitable photo in Fla. I can ask Ray to photoshop the logo and then submit it.

Marc Ornstein

This is a bit off topic but
The latest issue of the CROSSPOST (the newsletter of the freestyle committee) is fresh off the press and is now available online at http://www.freestylecanoeing.com/Crosspost%20Fall09PDF.pdf . It may also be downloaded from the freestyle website (www.freestylecanoeing.com .

The CROSSPOST contains several articles about past and upcoming symposia as well as instructional information that should be of interest to any serious canoeist.

Marc Ornstein

or wanna learn more canoeist
Seriously its not about a bunch of snippy snooty lingerie wearing paddlers dissing Grummans…just a bunch of people wanting to be lazy paddlers and learning how to make that piece of wood or plastic or carbon or aluminum do the work and behave so that the paddler can do less.

Plus we might sacrifice Charlie for the good of the gators.

Maybe, but
While nicely marinated, I might prove too salty for them!

The Florida FreeStyle Symposium is in the books.

Marc Ornstein ran a stellar event. Great site with two ponds, fine dorms, good food and better food and hotels available for those who preferred.

The instructors, Kim Gass, Molly Gurien, Tracy Hunt, Bob and Elain Mravetz, Marc himselg, Jackie peppe and yours truly were impressed with the progress the students made. They were focused, worked hard and made great strides/strokes.

About as good as an instructional event can get! Next stop Adk FS S on mighty Wolf Pond in Ray Brook, NY, 11-14 July.