Florida Freestyle Symposium

As previously stated, the Floris Freestyle Symposium will be held March 16-19, 2012. Full information is available on the Freestyle Website, www.freestylecanoeing.com.

I recently had the opportunity to explore an upper section of Lofton Creek. Lofton Creek is a short distance from the campus where the symposium, will be held and is where the “Creekin Freestyle” class will be held. This upper section seems better suited to the class than the lower portion that we used last year. The upper is narrower, with more bends and obstructions to work around.

Just curious
You mean further up than what what we paddled after FFS 1? A different put-in, maybe where that more northerly road crosses it?

There are other tidal creeks similar to Lofton west of Yulee that I paddled years ago, though I don’t have my Gazetteer or memory handy at the moment to recall their names.

That is correct.
It is off St. Rt. 200A, a bit north of A1A where we launched last year. We would be paddling essentially north, though the creek twists quite a bit.

A friendly reminder
There is still time, but in case anyone has forgotten, the deadline for registration (without a late charge)is January 31st. Early indications from the chatter I’ve been hearing is that we we can expect a good crowd. Don’t be left out in the COLD. Brrrrrrrr

Marc Ornstein

This fits better under Getting together
but in conjunction with FFS does anyone want to join up for trips before or after in Ocala or Okefenokee?

Probably base camping or motelling . Okefenokee at Stephen Foster State Park has nice cottages for a reasonable rental for six.

Suwannee et alia
I’m planning to paddle the Suwannee from Okefenokee to the Alapaha, probably in late March or early April – assuming water. I’ll be doing central and north Florida before and after that, and the Sparkleberry Swamp both on the way down and back. Don’t have any certain dates yet.

I have a few very inexpensive fish camps and county campgrounds ($5-$10 per night) I use for base camping in these areas, and I’m also hoping to visit some paddlers near High Springs.

Am on the fence for schedule and other reasons as to FFS, and just hope there is space if I decide late to attend.

If you’re going to paddle
in the Ocala area, let me and kayakrazee know. Would love to paddle with you—Silver River, Ocklawaha, Juniper…

Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.
I paddled with Kayakrazee and the Aquaholics a couple of years ago. We both survived the experience, but she got a lot wetter. Not all of us leap into head springs during lunch.

Dont’cha Know
It’s a fine experience, especially for northerners who’ve had about enough -20 with 30" snow, and leavened by immediate access to fine eateries.

FS instruction continues to be top drawer; everyone will learn things that make them better flat and moving-water paddlers, and it has always been a mellow group.

I am up for that
if yawl don’t mind.

Pre/Post FFS paddling
I am trying to get some Pittsburgh folks to paddle for a week prior to FFS with an target of Wacissa and/or St. Mary’s as single overnight (2 day) paddles and/or Suwanee for multiple nights - or just day trips - I’m open. Any of the FFSers are WELCOME.

After FFS Monday - Wed I can/plan to paddle Juniper, Silver, and other rivers but I must be in Ft. Myers by Thursday evening.

So far there are no firm plans but to be at FFS and my firm visit to Naples afterward but I’m open to whatever develops before FFS.

that sounds good too
are you bringing your bow and saw? I hope.

bow and saw are coming
The bow and saw are on my permanent list since I’m expected to play for the folks at the assisted living where Dad is. I’m wondering if the autoharpist will show up.

I will bring a bow saw if you think we’d need it for clearing the way for paddling. The Mullica between Jackson Rd and Atsion Lake last October in the Pine Barrens; saws were definitely needed and used.

Good Eats!

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Yeah, winter stick time in summer cloths is always enjoyable, but F2S2, the Florida FreeStyle Symposium is adjacent to Amelia Island, where one can dine in style!

I've an electronic listing of Amelia's eateries, rated through three stars that I'll share with first time attendees. After that, most will prefer to make their own list.

ffs 'other Trips"
George - Anita and I will be around, may be interested in what you may be planning for “fore” and/or “aft” Keep us informed via direct email. Have some notions of our own, having just spent a week down there in early Dec.

Bruce K.

I am up for anything before or after FFS
and love others ideas! This is gonna be fun, educational and best of all with great people.

I have no word on whether she will be there or not. If I remember correctly, Betty and Alan showed up the last minute. They spend a lot of time traveling in their camper and as best I recollect, they realized that they would be in the vicinity at the same time as us and decided to stop by. If I hear anything definitive, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Just a reminder
in case it has slipped you mind. The deadline for registrations, without paying a late fee is approaching. Don’t miss out on the fun, fine instruction, food and the opportunity to connect/reconnect with friends and paddlers.

Marc Ornstein

Dogpaddle Canoe Works

Custom canoe paddles and woodstrip canoes

Pre FFS paddling
My plans (in collusion with Jean and Buff Rodman) are slowly firming up for pre-FFS paddling.

March 9 - Fri-Sat two sections of the Edisto, 1 down to Colleton St Park (Canadys) 2 from either Colleton or Gihvans Ferry down as day trips; (this could start a day earlier)

Move to Wacissa area, paddle Sun/Mon or Mon/Tue two sections of Wacissa 1 spring down to Goose Pasture rec area and camp there; 2 Goose Pasture to bottom through the slave canal.

Additional paddling up to Thursday is to be determined.

George Schnakenberg

would you be interested in a tag alonger
me… I want to paddle pre FFS but shuttles are the main problem and without them I am limited.

I am not yet home from Everglades paddling and already planning to return to Florida.