Florida Freestyle Symposium

The fourth annual Florida Freestyle Symposium is now history. Thirty two folks registered for the event and participated in several days of on water classes, an evening “chalk talk”, a fun slalom competition and an interpretive freestyle exhibition. Several instructors took advantage of a first aid/CPR update class.

The weather was ideal with nearly wall to wall sunshine and temps from the mid sixties at night to low eighties during the day. Students are far more relaxed when they’re not worried about taking an ice water bath.

The numbers were a bit down from last year. No doubt, the high gas prices were partly to blame. Several regulars had scheduling conflicts as well. On the plus side, there were several new faces from the Florida panhandle and elsewhere.

The plan for next year is to broaden the appeal of the event by including more basic and touring oriented instruction. I may rename the event to reflect the change. The “Creekin Freestyle” class where we put some of the basic maneuvers to work in a functional setting was again popular. Charlie Wilson plans to expand on that theme at the Adirondack Freestyle Symposium in July.

Now it’s time to start thinking about the next event, The Wisconsin Freestyle Symposium in May. This will be the organizers’ 1st attempt at an event, truly in the mid west. It would be nice to attract some folks from the land of lakes.

For more information about any of the upcoming events go to the FreeStyle website, www.freestylecanoeing.com.

Marc Ornstein

I had such a good time I never left FL
went on a five day solo in the Gulf of Mexico and off to Silver River and to hobnob with Naked Ed on the Santa Fe next.

That was in addition to six trips before FFS. There is a lways a Northern crowd that seeks other canoe trips in conjunction with FFS to make that long drive a really good vacation.

Well organized event and a great time
Thanks Marc, for all the efforts. Food was great, students were terrific, and as always, got to meet some great people. I also managed, yet again, to learn some new things. You also need to be congratualated on ordering up some perfect weather.

Now on to Wisconsin!!!

Fine Time
I think we all had a fine time in Yulee. It was a fun group; thanks to Marc for a great organizational effort.