Florida has been good to me

… at least, for the last 1000 days

Got here in 2006, since then there have been few paddling disruptions.
No (very) cold weather, not too hot (morning, NE FL), not as much hurricane activity as other parts of state.
I remember when living in Minnesota, struggling to paddle once a month throughout the winter.


Wow… impressive streak.

If I were able to get surf even once a week, I would be in paddle surf heaven. Having said that, I think winter is the only time I can count on getting surf once or twice a month with nor’easters.


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Actually, no big deal.
As some will walk the dog around the block every day, some ride the bike 10 miles before work (or to work) every day, I’m just able to paddle 10 every day.
(I’ve got more paddling miles than driving miles for the past couple years)
I’ve been fortunate not to catch the covid (yet?) and no out of town family emergencies to break up the routine, hurricanes have been elsewhere the past few years.

Maybe you are not appreciating enough what the factors are for having such a consecutive streak. It’s having the mental discipline to make it “no big deal” to go out every day no matter what. It’s having the skills to say, “Oh, the weather conditions of today is not a stopper.” It’s about not getting sick. It’s about not getting injured. Some luck involved, but you have to make some of the luck too.

As you someone who has been physically active since my tween years. I generally try to workout or exercise 5 or 6 (not all of the) days of the week. But, even that gets interrupted by injuries (shattered tibia, broken fingers, blown ACL, torn meniscus) or illness and/or health issues (mitral valve repair). then there are periodic demands of family situations, or work demands.

Not to jinx you. But, heck ya, keep it going!!!



Very impressive streak! Kudos for the accomplishment.

Not sure why you would have difficulty getting out paddling in winter in Minnesota. As long as you’re going downhill, it could be fun. Worst case, just hitch a team of dogs to your boat.

Keeping the streak going, one day at a time…


Very nice.
Being a surfer, he was in the salt water each of those 14642 days - kayakers have a ‘shell’ around them, not necessarily always getting ‘bathed’ in the salt.
I wonder if that salt water kept him healthy all that time?

WOW… Absolutely stunning… What an impressive streak man!

Nice going raisins. Amazing.

I think I got out twice in January. :slightly_smiling_face:

I moved to Florida in 2001, I live just south of New Smyrna Beach. Been paddling 2 to 5 days a week for the last 15 years… I love it here. At Ponce Inlet we get a tidal current going several days a month at full and new moon. We have a long north jetty that gets some very good lumpy water when we get a strong NE wind, and just south of the Inlet, half mile out we have Shark Shallows where swells build and it can get to be a good place to play, then you have the beach itself. Yep… I LOVE Florida’s east coast.

PS: Raisins, if you’d like to come down for a change of scenery come on down.

Yes but Florida weather is rough on Nordic Skiing outings.