Florida Kayak registration?

So moving to Florida from Jersey I’m told I have to register my 17" explorer?..I bought this boat off a guy from North Carolina years ago…All I have ( I think, I can find it)…is an old hand written recept.

Is this going to be enought?..its all I have…

Welcome to the Sunshine State,
and good news for you, we don’t register them down here.

Not yet, anyway.

Here’s the latest:


Florida kayak registration
Thanks…I was told all boats over 16 foot, including kayaks had to be registered…We don’t register or title any kayaks in jersey…Hope we can keep it out of Florida…

Don’t let the great state of Mass. hear about kayak registration.

They will want to jump on the band wagon!

jack L

No title or registration in FL

“…the Subcommittee made its final recommendations to the BAC on December 7th, 2006 in Key Largo. The subcommittee has be disbanded. The recommendations were: no registration of non-motorized vessels and that the operators of non-motorized vessels should be required to complete a boater education safety class…”