Florida kayak rentals?

My friends and I are trying to plan a kayaking trip for next February. We want to kayak from Jupiter Florida to Fort Myers through the Okeechobee. Does anyone know if there is anywhere to rent a kayak in Jupiter and drop it off in Fort Myers?

Drop it off at my place

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no problem

quick search kayak rentals:

Google Maps: kayak rental Jupiter Fl or West Palm Beach Fl

My go to for Florida paddling

If you don’t get a useful response here try there.


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is a 'drop off' necessary ?

flying out ?

are you asking if a business relationship exists between east n west kayak rentals facilitating a 'drop off' ?

probably not.

Renting a car at the airport n bringing your foam blocks n tackle ...prefigured for the rental choice...is prob cheaper and more reliable than other methods.

85/day FMI to F Lauderdale Int .....take the bus to FMI ....Lee County Bus schedule...mate with ramp/facilities eg Punta Rassa...cab is $20+

my non commercial costs figured $100 more than a car rentals total

alternative 1

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I drive across Fl north of the canal. Farming, very low density population. always enjoy the route via S&T

Take a look at kayaking down the Kissimmee River, across the lake then to Sanibel Island.







that's muh homeport...Big Carlos...last fresh water stop before Cuba is behind the Publix at Iona