Florida Keys

I am considering paddling from Key West to Key Largo March 22-31 with the Bill and Mary Burnham (Burnham Guides). They wrote several guide books on the Keys. Has anyone paddled this or had experience with Burnham Guides?



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And it's a good book -it's pretty well-researched from a couple who've spent years down in the Keys, and about as up-to-date as you can get for such an area -plus, it's got photos of Grayhawk and several other less well-know P-NETers, AND, it's signed "PADDLE ON!, Frank" by the authors, LOL!

They're nice folks, as well, and I would expect a good trip from them -maybe almost as good as one from JackL & Nanci *L*... And that's not a criticism -just a note about and a nod of appreciation to our (and many other P-NETers') friends and very knowledgeable paddlers the LaMarres.

So I'd say go for it if you're up for some adventure and fun in the Florida Keys sun, it'll be well worth your while to paddle many a mile with good folks like Bill & Mary.

So take the trip, and when it's done, get back to us on what you did, how it went, and what it's like to, in winter in the Florida Keys, join the Burnams and


-Frank in Miami

That was my impression of them also. I met the Burnhams when I was paddling up the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay last May - just a random encounter, Bill was giving lessons to someone. I decided to go and will am sending a deposit in today.


key largo to key west

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a couple times.

the first time was many years ago...grabbed all the charts, plotted out my distances each day and where i was going to stay....it was overkill really.

i commando camped (ok..trespassed but lets not quibble) a few nights Long key past the campground at one point and then on indian as well but mostly you're never too too far from a campground...there's a koa on sugarloaf key and a fish camp on big pine. i brought a covered hammock to sling figuring there wouldn't be an abundance of dry ground some nights depending on where i found myself. could also stake it out like a little bivy. it worked out okay.

there isn't too much current action but pay attention to the bights on the tides...those suckers dry right out and you're then humping you're boat through a lot of misery.

wore a long sleeve shirt most of the time with a big ole hat and still shoulda used more sunblock. lotsa water, you'll take too much food and not enough bug spray.

tarpon creek on the hawk channel side of (sugarloaf i think) is a nice place to make a camp if you can...nice little cut there.

on a strange camping in the keys note...i think it was long key i was on a little stretch of beach one night...had just slung the tent....made a little dinner and then set the camp chair up to watch the little bonnet head sharks come in to the shallows to eat...it was idyllic right up the point where sand flea's literally bubbled up in a mound right in front of me....freaked me right out.

also...if i remember right, the nurse sharks come into the shallows in february/march to breed...so if you're going tail end of q1, you're liable to see a little shark baw-chicki-wah-wah.

when i went there was kayak guide book by bruce wachob that was helpful and the folks up at florida bay outfitters in key largo outfitters were very handy..note if you're going to rent any equipment break it all apart and inspect BEFORE you go anywhere and realize...huh, that widget that's supposed to be in there isn't in that kit i rented....

have a blast.

for the advice and taking the time to write it. I appreciate it. Looking forward to March!

I also like lazy dog giudes in key west
Sounds like an adventure