Florida -Merritt Island NW R Info

We will be there for two days of paddling next week and it is a new destination for us.

If anyone is familiar with the area and can give me some info on put-ins and trips it would be greatfully appreciated.

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Been a long time
I have not been there in about 18 years or more so I don’t remember the put in information. What I do remember is the great bird and alligator viewing. With a single bladed paddles you can sneak paddle right up to all sorts of stuff and get fabulous pictures! It is winter so I don;t think the gators will be aggresive at all. And this is a place I went in the spring and summer and did not have any problems.

If you are an angler then you should prepare yourself for giant redfish and regular size trout because you will be paddling in their territory as well.

I can’t post any pics because that was the time before digital cameras, but I sure love to see your pics when you get back.

I paddled a few places around there.
I paddled Turtle Creek and wrote up a report. You can read it here.


I also paddled Pine Island down by Canaveral. Nice place but LOTS of gators where I was. At one time there were 15 or 20 of them within visual range. I am sure there were more I couldn’t see.

Here is some info on the area


More info on paddling in the space coast area.


Exactly what I was looking for.
thanks a bunch !

After looking at the info I am almost wishing I we had more days there.

We are leaving in the morning and will have two days in St Augustine, and then on to there before we head farther south.

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Try this, too…