Florida paddlers

I need your help April road trip from Wisconsin to state for kayaking St.George island area northwest side of state Looking for day trips out and or loops winter has been long up here so 4-5 hour is all we need a day This is a no camping trip maybe you could tell us some places to stay(hotels) Thanks from the frozen tundra

Some nearby places
would be Olockonee SP (Olockonee River and Sopchoppy Rivers), St. Joseph Penninsula SP, and St Vincent Island (out of Indian Pass). These may be farther away than you want if you are actually staying out on St George Island itself. Olockonee and Sopchoppy provide protected paddling through a maze of interesecting former river channels if the coastal winds are too high. St. Joseph Penninsula (Gulf side) is annually picked as one of the prettiest beaches in US. The bay side has shallow reefs and really clear water where you can see rays and sharks swimming by. Starting at Indian Pass you can paddle on either the Gulf side or the bay side of St. Vincent Island. Land and take a hike on the old road network that criscrosses the island and possibly take a tour of the mansion.

From St. George Island itself you might be able to do a short paddle over to Little St. George Island. It is uninhabited and has a very nice beach. I am not sure of where to launch on the west end of St. George to make it short enough for a day trip.

Hope you have a great time.


You might want to contact this outfitter. They rent kayaks and have tours in the area.


Best place to stay
Is to rent a house right on the island. If you get one on the bay side, it will often have it’s own pier that will get you out past the muck and oyster beds to launch.


If you are going to be driving…
Econfina creek in Bay county is my favorite. There are Many places within thirty miles. Graham creek, Doyle creek, Crooked river… Check out Paddletally.org Expeditions in hell are good as well. The outfitter on the paddletally website is fantastic. I will be paddling in the area during the same time.

florida pladders
thanks to all that reply

Join you…
Let me know when you are going to be here. Maybe we can get together for a day trip or two.

Join you
Look to drive down trying for condo in or by port st joe 4/10/09 stay till 4/17/09 Looking at day trips to st joseph,indian pass,st george island We are bring boats and bikes plastic or fiberglass kayaks what would use We paddle lake michigan and once a year lake superior apostle inlands anyone who kayaks should get to paddel apostle island once Tim&Susie