Florida Paddling/Fishing

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My girls informed me we would be going back to Florida this year. After my weak protestastions (finance related of course) were overruled I succumbed to inevitability and began the legwork. We've done the South Walton thing (usually stay in Seagrove) many times off and on over the years and it's always fun. We're in the midst of a spirited debate because I'd like to keep going east this time, mabye to the Forgotten Coast, but prevailing winds seem to be blowing us in the usual direction. What I'd like is for folks in the local know to lay out the paddling and fishing related possibilities for each area. I'm hedging you see. Guessing dune lakes are the best bet for South Walton? Any lakes in particular and best practices there? Forgotten Coast is completely unknown to me, so whatever is offered there will be appreciated. Boats would probably be a tandem canoe (Mad River Explorer) occupied by a slip of a girl and myself and a Dagger Zydeco paddled by my ten year old daughter. Talking early August.

Paddling Trails
While not an exhaustive list, the following link may give you some ideas. http://www.dep.state.fl.us/gwt/guide/paddle.htm

I have paddled Econfina Creek which isn’t far from where you have stayed before in Seagrove. There is a canoe rental that runs trips on Econfina Creek or you could put in yourself at a pretty nice launch right off Highway 20.


Thank you very much.
Last night I received the verdict. South Walton. Forgotten Coast is just a tad too far.

Some one here posted a little while ago about a web page they made with all there kayaking trips in FL. Here is the link to the website. This might help you out. https://sites.google.com/site/flkeyskayaktrips/