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I don't know how many of you have found this site before but it's my understanding it's the "new and improved" version. I hope it can be useful:


I don’t think number 40…
will ever be completed.

One year they had some designated camp sites on the beach at Long Key State Park, and the next year they were gone- (hurricane).

Also in the lower Keys most of the places are either privately owned or the government puts them off limits for overnight camping.

Of course you can always sneak in and then back out in the morning with the hopes of not getting caught



appreciate the post, have you ever floated ecofina? the expert label on certain portions has me curious but reluctant to try since I dont know any one who has done it.

No, but…
I’m hoping to make the 2007 Florida Paddler’s Rendezvous in October. This year it will be in Milton, FL with trips being scheduled for a half a dozen or so creeks and rivers in the area. There’s a pre-event trip on the Chipola near Marianna a day or so before the big event. Isn’t there more than one Ecofina in the Panhandle?

Circumnavigational Trail
I agree that the entire circumnavigational may never be completed, or will certainly take quite a while to do so…that being said, I check the site every few months, and it seems that more sections are being completed…the link is below, and is worth checking out…


Segment 6 already exists as the Big Bend Saltwater Paddle Trail…complete with campsites…


I was not aware of this site, but find it easy to use and full of good info. Thanks, I’ll use it this Jan. to plan a trip.


Econfina river
Is in Madison & Taylor counties (big bend area) and there is a Econfina Creek in Bay and Washington counties in NW Florida