Florida to Pa. Wanna paddle?

I am going to Tampa next week with two canoes. Is there anyone there or along my way home that would like to show me their favorite paddling spot.


The Hillsboro River is a must.
If you don’t get any response from the Tampa area, e-mail me and I’ll send you three different day trips for it, complete with directions and descriptions.

jack L

The upper Suwannee is nice…
In November, I paddled the Upper Suwannee from the Okefenokee Swamp near Fargo, Ga. to Live Oak, Fla.

I put in at Stephen Foster Sate Park in the Okefenokee Swamp, and took out at “Spirit of the Suwanee Music Campground” near Live Oak. I think it was about 104 miles…

The Upper Suwannee is about as wild and remote a river as you will find on the East Coast. From the Okefenokee to White Springs, Fla, about 80 miles, I only saw two other paddlers. Lots of pretty, white sand beaches to camp on. Deer, squirrels, wild turkey and wild pigs in abundance.

There are several places to put in and take out along this stretch for a day paddle.

what route?
What Route are you taking George? If you are coming through the Charlotte area let us know and there are

some nice places. If you are going through the Fayetteville area you have to stop and dip a paddle in the Lumber. It is beautiful!

Hillsborough River is good.

Here’s links to more spots around Tampa…



Fort Desoto at the southern end of St Pete is beautiful, protected inlets and open Gulf.

Here’s a similar link for places in Pinellas County


Here’s some other assorted links for FL






Juniper Springs
near Ocala is REALLY nice if you’re in that area. Long time since I’ve been, but there used to be a canoe rental there that would shuttle you or your boat so you can paddle your Sawyer!

Thanks for all of the advice.

I would…
We live in Leesburg, FL, and would be happy to show you spots we love.

Unfortunately, we can only paddle on weekends.

Drop me an email if you’d like to get together.

The only commitment I have right now is a moonlight paddle Sat. June 26 on the Rainbow River.