Flotation bags in solo Graphite Wenonah?

-- Last Updated: May-28-06 9:34 PM EST --

I just bought a Wenonah Advantage in grahite and there are no flotation tanks in the ends. Should I use flotation bags in the ends for an extra measure of saftey if I use it for tripping? Does anyone have pictures of how they outfitted their solo canoe?

Here is how I rigged my Voyager for solo river tripping.


air bags


Air bags in a WWC-1 for use in white water or big open water. Use riveted lash points under gunnel and single D-ring on the floor of the hull as a starting point for lashing. I use parachute cord for lashing. Lashing grommets can be placed elsewhere for handy tie down. That’s a beautiful boat you got there.

You could use your gear as flotation, that is if you secure it to the boat. I paddle an old Sawyer Shockwave and have lash points for my packs. The packs float the boat rather well. I have also seen people put in 2-3’ long x 2"x4" blocks of foam just under the gunwhales at each stem; and there will still be room for packs.

You probably have a foam core with that layup, which is why there are no end tanks. In general, you should be ok unless you are in a river with current and rocks (the danger is wrapping the boat), then all bets are off or inflatable floatation (WW canoe style) would be recommended. NRS carries some smaller ones that should fit.