Flotation block has come unglued

I’ve a Necky Sky 9.6 rec kayak. Mostly, my oldest son uses it. Last week, went to Caddo Lake in n.east Texas, a neat primeval place to paddle and fish. When loading the Sky onto the truck rack, Inoticed the bow foam floatation block had come unglued. What’s the best glue to use to put the thing back in?

works pretty darn good. Or Liquid Welder, which should be right beside it at Wal-Mart or any home improvement store.

Or Weldwood Cement
I think it’ll work on plastic. Coat both sides, let 'em get sticky, put it in. Can get it at any of the big box hardware stores, or most ones.

I second the Dap Weldwood

Marine Goop takes awhile to set,
but it is a lock once it does.

What Kind Of Foam?
is it ethafoam? You can tell it’s ethafoam if it’s white and semi porus. With this, you’re better off using something like marine goop or Lexel. These are thicker and will get into the pores, even them out, and provide a better bond.

If the foam is minicell, then use dap Weldwood cement. Minicell is closed cell foam and has a much smmother surface. Minicell is generally grey to black, although sometimes is white as well. Weldwood cement is thinner and holds better to a smoother surface.


Its EthaFoam. For some reason, price
probably, Necky used minicell for stern floatation and ethafoam for bow floatation. Hate the stuff, it has serious problems with chunks coming off. Thinking about replacing with minicell. Who’s likely to carry it locally in the Houston area?

Don’t Bother…

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if it's a foam pillar in the front, it's not enough really for sufficient floatation. What you need are split float bags to displace water. The foam pillar can be left in place just to provide rigidity to the hull.

Filling up the bow of a boat with enough minicell floatation is relatively affordable in tight quarters of a white water or surf boat. But for something as big as the Necky Sky, it would be well close to or surpassing $100. Float bags are much cheaper (I believe there is some right now on sale on the Sierra Trading Post).


Replace it with a float bag
Foam pillars don’t provide enough floatation anyway, so I would use the opportunity to replace it with a float bag. Do the same in the stern.

If you decide to keep the pillar, GOOP or Lexel will hold it in. Contact cement is not suitable as it won’t let you slide the pillar into position.