Flotation Device for Youngster

Can someone suggest a PFD for my six year old son?


No specific suggestion except for
getting one with crotch straps for a boy that size. With crotch straps in place, the pfd needn’t be so tight as to make him uncomfortable.

Flotation Collar and grab loop

– Last Updated: Jan-27-08 2:22 PM EST –

In addition to crotch strap look for a good quality PFD with a flotation collar and grab loop on the back of the collar. Make sure it is comfortable to wear. If your child is a very strong swimmer you can soon skip the collar type PFD.

Something like this ....


Get a Type II…
…if he’s NOT a strong swimmer.

Thanks, we’ve been taking swimming lessons for the last few months in preperation for some trips in the boat come spring!!