Flotation during transport?

We have two WW boats with the split bag stern flotation. I’ve always deflated and removed during transport on our J-cradles. Is this really necessary or can you leave it in because the back band will keep it in there?

It depends… as usual
I have a Perception Madness and the backband is attatched with very rigid plastic bands and very little clearance to the rear of the coaming (cockpit opening). I usually do not use float bags (as I have a foam pillar) but I sometimes store a dry bag behind the backband. It is nothing less than a MONUMENTAL STRUGGLE to get my dry bag or extra clothing out of that space, I’m quite sure that nothing would come out accidentally (let alone a fully inflated float). You would have to make that judgement call with your own boat and situation.

Thanks for the responses…
…gives me some things to think about.

In and inflated
all the time. Never had one come out.

Why waste all that huff and puff blowing them up every time?

Attach Them – On Or Off
the water.

I’ve seen my own inflated bags flying down the highway behind me… Twice, no less. “Gee, how can that happen? It was inflated and wedged in.” DOH!

On the river, I have seen float bags and foam flotation come out of boats, leaving a real PITA submarine to retrieve.

If it’s foam, glue it in. If it’s a flotation bag, make sure you attach it with some sort of tie in.


definitely secure the float bags

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The problem is that the float bags may deflate and then come flying out. I don't think glueing them would be a good idea for float bags just in case you ever need to take them out for repairs or to put other things in your stern such as a drybag/float combination bag. However like sing metnioned, if they are foam it's probably your best option. For float bags, some plastic zip ties would do the trick nicely or a small locking 'biner.

If you are going to higher altitudes, it would be wise to deflate the bags during transport.

cockpit covers
Another idea is using a cockpit cover on you boats - I use them on our WW boats and never had a problem. Just make sure to get a cover thats fits good and snug - Seals make an excellent cover that won’t break the bank . Gale

Have never removed float bags from
kayaks or canoes, and have not had any problems. It is a good idea to soften the bags if they will be exposed to heat or high altitude. And, if you use some sort of cockpit cover, they are not going to flop around in the windstream.