Flotation in canoes

Have really enjoyed this fourm lots of good info Am still looking at used boats Our old fiberglass Mohawk had flotation sealed in each end was unsinkable I think Have not found any boats around here al, plastic, or glass with flotation This is probably dumb question but anyone ever hear of adding flotation like a chunk of styrofoam sealed some where in boat ? Actually I have probably a 1000 hours in canoe travel and never flipped but I am older now and need to think of safety. Thanks for any help David

Royalex floats by itself. Bluehole canoes used formed foam in the ends, and Grumman/Marathon still uses foam in the ends. There are also air-bags of all sizes for floatation.

NRS sells these


Mikey has (arguably) the best outfitting.


There are others but that’s the general idea.

my grumman double ender had
flotation in both stems but I wanted to use it to practice self rescue. I purchased a broken floatation bouy from a building supply place. it was huge, so big i had to cut it in half to use it. I tied it in between the two thwarts and had a ball with the boat after that.