Flotation installation, drilling royalex

Getting ready to outfit my 15’ Royalex Nova Craft Prospector with flotation. I talked to Nova Craft about drilling the Royalex and lacing through the hull instead of installing eyelets or loops under the gunnels. They had no problem with it, in fact that is they’re preferred method. Does anyone have any detailed pictures of work done this way? I’d like to get a good look at hole placement and lacing configurations before I start.


Flotation installation…
Email me and I’ll send you photos of 2 canoes I outfitted with airbags.


Only thing I would add is that hole
spacing need not be as close, up near the bow, as it should be back toward the fat end of each bag. Because the sides of the boat are closer together near the bow, the cross laces do not need to be as close together to keep the bag from trying to erupt through the laces.

Followup question
How, if at all, do you reseal the foam section of the Royalex, after drilling?

Hole size?
What size hole do you typically drill in the Royalex? I’ll just be using the standard paracord seen in the Mike Yee outfitting.

I got 48" inch bags, see other post.