Flotation turkey

This offering from the wondrous Archie McPhee catalog might work for flotation in those rec boats as well as tricking your nosey neighbors into thinking you actually made a turkey this Thanksgiving instead of vedging out in front of the TV all day with a frozen pizza.


People who bought this also looked at transport surveys.

nice!, but i’ve already got a supply of blow up monkees,squids, and beach balls, otherwise I would be tempted in some turkey flotation , shared the link- on facebook no less with a paddling group- I hope somebody is keeping track of what I buy and post, datakoll is missed by so many…

“Also fun at the beach or in the pool!”
Besides who’s gonna notice should you start to drool?
But ill-fated deflated are oft heard to moan,
“I will meat in defeat hope for a wishing bone.”
(as squirrels dance in underpants and golden Arches man the phones.)

McPhee says, “Let’s make weird, together!”
(Kevin’s agent replies, “Mr. Spacey’s currently unavailable.”)

OK, I recant any ill will intrinsic to my prior diatribe! I am totally sold on the Yodelling Pickle!!! (Yeah, yeah, no accounting for taste and what not.)

Thanks for this link, Woman In the Willows (and Pipers at the Gates of Dawn). Tyrolean Tannenbaum Christmas It Is!

Would a dozen rubber chickens float your boat?

No. But make it 11,112,017 and we can bow out with half a Titantic salvage. Sort of a Chicken Soup For the Hole. And on that stern note, I’m breaking off. Roll Celine.

@castoff said:
Would a dozen rubber chickens float your boat?

I bet your blow up girl would.

It takes 2 for my canoe!!

@canoeswithduckheads said:
we can bow out with half a Titantic salvage.
“And the front fell off” a classic

@castoff said:

@canoeswithduckheads said:
we can bow out with half a Titantic salvage.
“And the front fell off” a classic

Hadn’t seen that one. Funny rating: 10.

“It’s outside the environment” is pretty classic as well.

Love it … That’s good.

And then there is Line 5 …

@rival51 said:
Love it … That’s good.

And then there is Line 5 …

Yes, I think that’s Enbridge’s business motto. Outside the environment.

Line 5 is the stuff nightmares are made of: https://www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/straitsOfMackinac/

Ad copy is probably better than the actual product.

Archie McPhee catalogs make great bathroom reading matter.

I’m thinking of getting one to use as an “avataq*” simulation on the stern deck of my replica Greenland skin on frame kayak. Though that might give some of the more humor-challenged Greenland purists the epizooties.

( * avataq = inflated sealskin that the Inuit hunters use as a harpoon buoy)

Willowleaf, a turkey is probably more ‘culturally correct’ for those paddling in the Pittsburgh area. I don’t recall seeing many seals or walrus when I lived in the area. Even more so in Michigan, I see wild turkeys often around here.

Oh, love the art work.

Thanks, “rival”. I spotted that charming print (by the talented Inuit artist, Henry Napartuk) on Ebay and had to have it – the boat looks very much like my own (down to the little upturned “tail”) and I had just come back from learning to throw a harpoon at the Michigan Greenland Training Camp.

I often have turkeys in my semi-suburban yard. They’ve become common even in the more urban areas of Pittsburgh due to our precipitous terrain and the extensive green space that it provides.

Thanks for introducing me to this artist. I may need to go shopping.

Having seen your kayak, I can see the resemblance.

And thank you Sir Beacham Castoff, for introducing me to Mr. John Clarke, and his fine British satire worthy of a Python’s coils. Sadly, I see he passed away this past spring. I suppose we are all, regardless of our rearing, bound to have “the front fall off.”

Mr. Napartuk’s art work is very appealing, too. With that walrus, though, I can almost here Robert DeNiro speaking,
“One shot, Stevie. One shot.”

on kayak,
the site of which
caused walrus flak

Tsk, tsk, tusk,
a toss too brusk,
from flo here goes
bi-pierced hull husk

Andddd, the front fell off.