Fluid Detox

Hi All,

Looking for my 1st WW kayak. Someone has a fluid Detox for sale in my area. They are asking 575.00, it looks almost new, says used very little, comes with 130 dollar paddle, and air bags. They are also offering a skirt for another 80 bucks.

I’ve done a lot of research, and it seems to be a good 1st WW yak for me.

I’d like to go look at it but its a bit of a drive, about two hours, and the price is 575.00. Looking at the price for a new one, it’s about R7600 which seems to equate to 550 US dollars. So figuring the kayak, paddle, skirt, not figuring in the bags, they are asking 575 for used equipment that would go around 875 new.

Am I missing something here, or does that sound like where the price should be, or did I mis calculate on the African to US conversion. Because 550.00 US dollars seems a little low for a kayak that is rated so highly.

Lot of Ifs here, but thanks for reading and any input, especially on the price, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks !!!


you missed adding the skirt
$80 start of your post, included at the end. Price sounds okayish from what I see. If you think 2 hours is a long drive, you ain’t ready to become a ww paddler ;-).

Ha Ha
Yeah my math was off a bit. They are asking 655. .

I searched all day for US prices, and just found an old pdf from Blue Mtn Outfitters in Pennsylvania from 2011. The detox large was going for 1100 dollars brand new. So that kinda changes the picture a bit. I’m going to seriously consider giving this a look.

As far as the diving, it seems I’ve been doing a lot of it this summer, between kayaking, looking, and buying. What gets me is I’ve had several drives where the deal didn’t go down. Starting to take a bit more investigating, and talking on the phone before I drive. I’ve gone from zero to three kayaks in about 2 months. I don’t have much money invested in them, but the time has added up.

Thanks for the replies, I really appreciate it LOL,

As far as the detox, does anyone have an opinion ?

If I can get it in the water before buying, I will, although the best case scenario is probably just seeing how it fits me.

Buy the boat…
Don’t know anything about kayaks, but it looks like a decent boat to me. If it fits, I say BUY THE BOAT. Once you get out on the water and start paddling you’ll have lots of opportunities to swap it out.

Matt’s right about the driving – it’s only going to get worse. I live 30 to 45 minutes away from great sea kayaking in RI and SE MA, but I regularly drive 2 to 3 hours to whitewater rivers. I was out your way not too long ago at the Mongaup - a nice river not far from you.


Once you get your boat, you’ll need to get yourself tied into the local WW paddling community. I’d strongly suggest taking a class and joining a local club. Looks like there are a few around you.


Eventually you will meet people and develop your own paddling network, and then the fun really begins.

Good luck. Hope to see you on the river sometime.

maybe less driving afterall

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hmmm, near the Mongaup, which means you can hit the Lackawaxen easy enough (releases next two weekends; if my truck didn't have square wheel bearings and spastic O2 sensors I'd be joining my HRCKC buds from Joisey and NY), Tohickon creek has an October release iirc, Esopus creek (Phoenicia NY)not too awfully far, and I think there's another ww river starting with M in that area....been awhile.
Back when I was more enthused 3 hour drives were somewhat common, so it'd be 6 hours behind the wheel for a day trip, but that's the area I used to head too, due to those HRCKC folks. My buddy leads a lot of "moving water" trips in that general area; I love the names of the little rivers in the area..nothin' under 4 syllables lol.

Pulled the Trigger

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I went and picked the kayak up today. It fits nice and is in very good condition. Can't wait to get it out on some WW, but it looks like is going to have to wait. I have plans for some recreational kayaking on the susquehanna not far from my house tomorrow (ugg) but just trying to get some friends a bit more acclamated (sp)

Yeah the lackawaxen is close to me, I just haven't met up with anyone who does it. The Lackawanna is within walking distance of me, and is a fun river when it runs high.

I was talking with the guy who was selling the kayak, it seems from several people that Facebook is a great place to get connected. I really am against Facebook, don't care how many glasses of wine aunt nelly had today lol. But I might set up an account just for the purpose of kayaking.

Facebook is good
I have 198 friends on Facebook, and probably 190 of them are boaters. I could walk down the street past many of them and not recognize them, but put them in their boats with their helmets on and I’d know them – it’s all about context. Happens to me all the time at the put-in.

I hook up with informal groups all the time, but I’m pretty careful about who I paddle with – especially if it’s a river that I haven’t paddled before. I like to find people who are about at my skill level. I want to feel comfortable that they can rescue me, but I don’t want to spend all afternoon rescuing them. Choosing trips is also a balancing act. I try to find trips that challenge my skills, but don’t get me in over my head.

I know a lot of people who have gotten into WW paddling without taking a class, but I still recommend it. I also know a lot of people that dislike the structure of club trips, but I recommend them as you start out since they tend to have newer paddlers, so it’s a good place to meet people at your skill level that you can move up with. It’s also a good place to meet experienced paddlers that like to mentor newer paddlers. Most people outgrow club trips pretty quickly.

Good luck with the new boat, send me a friend request once you are on Facebook.

look up the HRCKC
my buddy Bob leads the “moving water” trips, and he knows loads of little interesting lo level ww runs in NE Pa. and vicinity. Great group of folks, though more Jersey and NY. They come up my way a couple times a year and provide commentary like “this is just like New England!” lol…(we were in New England)


Thanks Everyone
Thanks Guys,

I appreciate the advice.