Fly fish Oak Orchard River

A group of us are heading to the Lake Ontario area for our annual fly fishing outing. It gets real crowded on the river in best spots which is approx. 4-5 miles upstream of the lake. I would like to put in at the Lake & paddle up stream to fish some holes. Has anyone tried this and w/any success ? The fish have to pass thru; however its much deeper and wider than the hot spots. Any reply is welcome.

Oak Orchard
Do it… I have fished it many times… You can paddle way up there and the longer you go the better your chances are for shallow water and no anglers. You can get out of your kayak and bank fish spots that you like without fighting your yak to keep in position. I like using lures over egg sacks but either will work. tiny spoons, spinners, size 5 rapalas… great brown trout action!! Good luck Buzz