fly fishing for big fishfrom tippy boats

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Ok, anyone else doing it? I just sold my last sit on top, and I'm looking for ways to improve my setup.

The whole thing revolves around having greenland paddles. I paddle a p&h sirius. With a 20.5" bow and a v hull, it is on the skinny side.

Much more daring than me… There is
a secret though, always cast fore and aft, and ALWAYS point the rod towards the bow when landing a fish.

Fishing from Tippy boats can be done, but it is tricky at best, and the likelihood of tipping and losing everything is high. If you stick to smaller Fresh Water species, you should have only minor problems… I would avoid larger fish though, especially given the fact that you have to put the paddle down to cast and retrieve, and if you do spill, being able to drop the rod, grab the paddle and roll will be a diffficult prospect.

Also, tethering a flyrod, so that it does not interfere with the flyline and casting actions, is not that easy to do.

I would stick to a stable SOT for flyfishing…For all fishing for that matter, and resort to the tippy yak fro what it was designed… Paddleing and rolling.


fly fishing for big fishfrom tippy boats

How are ya? It’s Phil on the Fly. I’m committed buddy! Maybe they should have me committed? Anyway, I solved the tether problem. I have a scotty clip on my deck line, and I clip the rod shaft onto it. To get it out I just pull. The butt end is kept stable by squeezing my belly towards the pfd.

I don’t have any concerns about being pulled over by a fish, and the greenland paddle is not only secure, it acts as an outrigger. Actually, if anyone has tips on setting up deck lines to hold that greenland paddle in place, please let me know!

For storing the rod during a paddle, I have a bungee behind my seat, and a little pvc ring up front. I slide the tip through the pvc ring, secure the middle of the rod to the fore deck lines, then (and only then!) I pull the bungee over the reel.

Drift sock management is an issue so far, although I noticed with a stiff breeze the drift sock stabilizes the boat.

By the way, if I used the boat for its designed purpose, I would be going after seal, reindeer, and whales, not bass and blues. And my range has gone from 10 miles to 30.

Doing good, bro… Planning my trip
to Alaska in 5 weeks… Hali, Lings and Salmon from a Yak…Oh yeah.

Nice set up. Though you do target mostly freshwater species, right?

Yes, the yak was designed to hunt Seals and Whales… But the concept was a harpoon and float, then let them tire and die… Not, I believe, tethering to a yak.

I haven’t had much luck using paddles for stabilization, though I do only fish from SOT’s… And use a Carbon Fiber Shaft with Fiberglass Blade paddle. Wood would provide more resistance.

I just know how X-Fishn almost swam last year in his tippy sink when he hooked a Cobia… ROFLMAO…


fly fishing for big fishfrom tippy boats

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I'm targeting large saltwater fish. I like freshwater too.

Tethering the seal to the hull was exactly what they did. Today in greenland games, it is still done, but instead of a seal you have three guys on shore who pull the rope as hard as they can. And with a greenland paddle deployed as an outrigger I can actually sit on the deck. In fact, I don't use a paddle float after a capsize - just the paddle. With a greenland stick under my legs in a SOT, I can pull my lab/pit mix out of the water and into the tank well. Stability is not my issue, it's convenience tips I'm looking for. I didn't fish last summer, just learned how to paddle a surfski. My sea kayak is very stable in comparison.