Fly fishing from Kayak

I wanted to start fly fishing from my kayak. I currently have an Elie Strait 140 which I plan to use.

I was wondering what types of solutions were available to store/hold the fish after you’ve caught one?



Fly fishing from a kayak
I’ve been fly fishing from a dagger axis 10.5 on the rivers around Maryland for a couple years now. I do get out a good bit but spend a fair amount of time in the kayak as well. I mostly do catch and release but I use an Ice Mule bag when I do keep my fish or just a stringer depending on where I’m fishing.

…for the response. I recently saw some of those ice mule bags online. I’ll take a little closer look at them.


This is what I use

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You may not need such a large bag, I am a saltwater guy, so I'm using mine to bag redfish up to 28" long, spanish mackerel, etc. Several companies make similar designs in various sizes, this being one of the larger ones.

Thermal insulated bag

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I fish out of solo canoe and also a tarpon 120. With the SOT, I bought one of these inexpensive thermal bags that I found at local BJ's as a temporary solution. Turns out, it's great! Big enough for that 24-28 inch redfish and I fish in south Florida where it gets hot. Keep two frozen liter bottles plus my drinks and water bottle, all remain frozen after 5 hours on the water. The bags are similar to this one.

soft sided coolers
I have a store near me that sells medium sized soft sided coolers. I got one for my Ride 115 and have it right behind my seat between the seat and crate and I can either put ice in it or a few chill packs. Fits perfect and can handle pretty much anything I will put in it from gills to big bass and pickerel. The best thing is it was only $10. Heck, it even has storage pockets!