Fly Fishing with WS Tarpon 140 Angler

Anybody try the Tarpon 140 Angler for flyfishing in the ocean, lake or river specifically…how true is it that you can stand and deliver the fly?

I have never flyfished from a yak and it really stikes my interest. I would appreciate any advice for fly fishing from one.

Flyfishing yaks
I have not fly fished out of a T140, I fly fish out of a Scupper Pro. I’ve heard enough people say they stand to cast out of a T140 to believe it. Flyfishing out of a kayak is loads of fun. You can’t cast as far as you can standing, but then you can sneak up closer to your target so it’s 6 of one a half dozen of the other. A longer rod helps keep the fly off the water while casting. I use a 9 footer. Some folks use stripping baskets to hold the line that would normally pile up at your feet. I just let it coil into the cockpit in my lap or over the side of the kayak. Tight loops and tight lines!!!

I have not
Fly fished from my 140 yet, but should be easy. The cockpit is large and flat so plenty of room for striping line.

Flyfishing …
I recently purchased a T-140 and have had it out on the flats in Key Largo last week. No sooner did i take my first paddle i see a tailing Bonefish! Did not have my flyrod nor was i ready to cast to the fish. Fish was moving away from me pretty quick.

However I did get a chance to stand in it and it felt pretty good. On calm days it will be a great chance to actually sight cast to fish out of a kayak! very exciting.

If you plan on standing much in a yak you should install outrigger’s.You can stand in several yak’s without them but you have to be very concious of EVERY move you make.Also,consider that just standing and fishing/fighting a fish while standing are very different.Check with Jon at KFS for outriggers if you decide to go that way.Good luck!

Ditto what Bernie said

Those guys over at KFS came up with a really creative and seemingly workable answer for pontoons.

Hat’s off to Joeykayak!