fly rod holder for canoe

Hey folks. I’m looking for suggestions for a fly rod holder for a canoe. I’m thinking of one that would clamp on either to an outrigger crossbar or a thwart or a gunwale. Got to work with fly rods. Any pointers?


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There’s just not enough of a butt on most fly rods to work well in a holder. I’m been screwing around with screwy ideas for years, and so far the best I’ve come up with is tucking the fly rod behind the bend in my knee as I paddle. It works, but not well and it takes precious moments to grap the rod when the fish grabs the fly.

What about Scotty
Scotty makes a flyrod holder

I like using a milk crate

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, but you may prefer somethinf nicer. Check out this thread on fly rod holders, there are a few pics of a Scotty Holder and another commercial style, then lastly, the ole milk crate tat has a slot cut on the top. What sort of rod are you using? I just bought a Ross Reel Gunnison-3 (discontinued model) and a TFO 4 pc 6 wt.

Oh, here's the link

Here’s what you need

good product, well made. You might need a small bock of wood as spacer, depeding upon your gunwale width.

Rod Holders
check out these rod holders,,370.htm

we’ve been using them for a few years and they work great.One thing that helps to make them better is to dip the clamp part into luquid rubber to help hold better on the side of the canoe.

Are you meaning while travelling and
for portages, or simply while fishing?

If the latter, these guys have that covered…

If the former, may I suggest something flyfishermen often use on vehicle roofs when travelling between access points, but without requireing you take the rod down completely each leg. PVC Pipe, capped on one end, a cut in the other to accept the reel butt, and a bungee to hold the rod in the PVC tube.

This protects the delicate rod while alloing for quick access when needed to fish.

If you want to protect the reel at the same time, a series of couplers to a size that protects the reel, and a screw on cap work wonders.


Thanks for the ideas, guys. I’m looking into them and seriously looking at one that Spring Creek sells since I’m also going to be getting a set out outriggers to use for fishing out of the Peregrine.

Yak… just for when I’m actually in the canoe. I’m good for cases in the car and portaging. Mostly I want to be able to troll when I paddle from spot to spot and I want to be able to put down the rod and have at least half a chance of picking it up without being all tangled in my own feet, etc.