fly rod holder???

I fly fish from my Pungo 120. Haven’t figured a good way to hold the flyrod out of my way while paddling. I’ve tried sticking the reel in the cup holder with the rod sticking up and out towards the bow. But…if a low branch…or a spider web happens to touch it…Anyway, all suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

the scotty rod holders. I have a fly rod holder made by them and it works well. You can mount the small attachment to your kayak and just take the rod holder off when your not using it. The mount itself is not really that big and shouldn’t get in your way.

You could also mount it to a board if you don’t want to permanently mount it to the deck and attach the board to your deck with some line or straps.



paddle holder
I have one of those bungie cord and two hooks type of paddle holder on the side of my kayak and when moving from hole to hole I usually secure my rod in this holder with the reel forward and the rod and rod tip facing backwards so that i dont run the tip into anything and break it. Of course this means that care must be taken if backing up, but this occurs much less frequently.

A couple of thoughts
I haven’t seen the kind of water you are paddling in, but you mention low branches. That sounds like difficult casting. I have a bungee type paddle holder on the starboard side of my Loon 138 cockpit. It can double as a rod holder when moving from one area to the next. It is not great for making a quick cast between paddle strokes. Have you tried a shorter - light weight rod for that kind of close stuff? Maybe a #1 or #2. Also, I use a short (about 30") single blade paddle for maneuvering over short distances and keep the double racked out of the way. This keeps the paddle/rod battles to a minimum.

Thanks all for the flyrod holding tips.
The waters I paddle are quiet backwater creeks. Plenty wide, but I get busy watching the wildlife and forget about the dang rod. Thanks again.