fly rod protection system?

I have broken my fly rod twice with it assembled and ready to use while I paddle my solo canoe down a river. The last time my son and I eddied out behind the same boulder and his bow painter caught my rod tip and as he glided in next to me we both watch it bend, and bend for what seemed like forever, but was way too quick to do anything about before it was too late. I bought a new fly rod and would like to make something to hold and protect my fly rod as I paddle, but allow me to leave it assembled for quick access. It is 9’ long and my solos are ~15’. I am thinking about mounting some PVC pipe sections that it would slip in and out of along the inside of the gunwale. I thought there must be some people on here that fish a lot more than me and canoe that have a system totally figured out. Am I right?

Try the
Fishing from Kayaks and Canoes forum here. You’ll probably get a quicker response.

Why didn’t I think of that?