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I finally got out for my first paddle this spring, Bighorn River, MT. It was a beautiful cool spring day. My first time on the Bighorn, and I was amazed at the number of fisherman, I knew it was popular, but I had no idea. I could see why, the number of fish was incredible, even I was able to catch one. Which brings me to the topic. Its pretty hard to flyfish solo on a river, at least for me. There are slower parts where you can drift and cast, and you can always stop and wade. But, I would like to rig up some kind of attachment for my rod that would protect it if I dump, but be easy to get in and out. I was thinking about attaching some pvc tube sections to the gunwales. But, I thought there might be someone on pnet that has a good system worked out. The quicker you could put your rod in and get it out the better. If I don’t get something rigged up, sooner or later I am going to dump and lose my rod. Any ideas? Thanks.

PVC 1.5-2" Tube

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slitted .5" down the middle with one end "V" cut to hold the flyreel in place, after the rod is put into the tube through the slit. Also cut notches across the tube, matching your deck bungee cords that go into the notches and hold the tube down. You'll need to put a thinner diameter tube across the deck, under the deck lines, to support the rod tip. I use this set up to hold my saltwater flyrod when paddling from one spot to the next.


Ooops... You got a canoe. My set up is for a touring kayak.

ya lost me after…
“slitted .5” down the middle…"

I am interested to understand your set-up. But, I didn’t really get how you did it. I don’t suppose you have a picture. I am a visual learner. Thanks for your time.

if you put and .5 wide slit down the middle of tube, this will allow the rod to fit into the tube. Problem is that reel can’t fit into the tube so it raddles around. However, if you notch the end of the slit with a “V” shape, you can flip the reel up and push it into the V notch and have it hold in place.


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Big D and Shenandoah River Rat both fish fast flowing rivers for smallies from kayaks and canoes. Maybe they can give you other ideas.

paddle & rod clip
Austin Kayaks has a paddle and rod clip that can fasten to your seat frame and run your rod tip up under the deck plate or carry thwart.

They also have “rod floats” that you attach to your rod and if it gets knocked overboard it will float. They are a tad bulky for fly fishing, but well worth the aggravation IMHO

Road floats work well with spinning
and baitcasting equipment, but would be a pain with a fly rod. I can just picture my $300 rod floating down the river faster than I can paddle, then getting caught up on rocks or the brush to be broken. The clips may work, but I doubt that they will grasp a fly rod tight enough, especially a 5 wt or thinner one tends to use for trout.

I use a leash
It isn’t perfect but it is handy and it has saved a rod

I simply use a bungee cord looped around a thwart. Easy access when you want to fish secure when you don’t. PVC couplers lashed under the thwarts with zip ties make a good rod holder as well. Use 2".