Flying tomorrow with paddles ...

… they are GP’s (lufthansa flight over to Europa). I put them in a PVC pipe …but I was wondering if I should lie to the baggage checkin and say they are ski’s …what if they ask to open it? Any advice on flying with 1 piece paddles?



Why would you lie and say they were
skis? If they are packed correctly there should be no trouble. I travel with paddles all the time (one piece, two piece and four piece) and I have never had any problems.

are you kidding
Lying to the baggage guy at the airport is a bad idea these days. If they ask, just tell them what it is, if you have to open it, so be it, just carry what you need to seal it back up.

I had to fly with my kids Bo, a martial arts weapon. It was packed in a pvc pipe. going was no problem, on the return it was questioned. I explained that it was a wood staff, I didn’t use the word weapon, and that was ok with the guy at the gate.

BTW a $10.00 bill will do wonders with the skycap.

with a name like Assad
don’t lie to baggage claim people!

the times are hard enough

Don’t lie, just say that…
…they’re “sports equipment”, but only if they ask you. Don’t be more specific unless they ask for details. There’s a reasonable possibility that no one will even ask at all. One thing I’ve found when flying is that it’s NEVER a good idea to volunteer information.

Uh ?
What is the issue about telling them it’s a kayak paddle.

My son is also into martial arts and purchased a sword in Scotland. There was no problem bringing it in checked luggage.

Last year I borrowed a 2 pc GP.
This year I bought one. Now they go in my bag with my pfd, skirt, etc and get checked as normal baggage with no questions asked. It’s the only time I use a 2 pc GP instead of a 1 pc.

sports equipment
"What is the issue about telling them it’s a kayak paddle"

A full length paddle is likely over the size limit for standard sized luggage (length + width + height > 62-63" or about 160 cm). It might even be over the limit for oversized (115" conbined length; 80" max. any one dimension).

Some sports equipement like skis and golf bags get an exemption on oversized charges: they just count as one of your allowed bags.

Thus, calling your paddle “sports equipment” MIGHT get you the exemption. This is also why I pack my Feathercraft folding kayak in a golf bag.

Good luck.


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would you rather avoid getting dinged the extra, or would you rather avoid getting caught lying to customs officials?

Why not FedEx the paddles to your destination next time?

trying to explain kites is even more fun
than paddles…

long carbon rods can be considered pointy items…and they do not like that…but you try to tell them you fly kites and first they laugh then stare at you…


alrighty …
its not about lying …its about not getting shafted by airlines … but I like the idea of not saying much. And its not customs …its baggage checkin …big diff …lying to customs = loosing pasport …fabricating the truth to bagage claim = well , dunno yet …

bohemia …haha …you are right … I think I am going to leave my goate intact …just for some more fun. I am looking forward to TSA!

Thanks for all the advice. giddyup.


not lying…
Saying “sports equipment” isn’t lying. I’ve never been asked about the contents of my golf bag case. If I were, I’d be honest about it and say a kayak (or perhaps “sports equipment”).