flying with take apart paddle

anyone ever have any trouble flying with a two piece paddle in a paddle bag as a carry on?



I’ve ALways Checked It In WIth No

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problems. Call the airline and see if they allow it as a carry on. Who knows... these days it may be considered a potential dangerous weapon.

If you check it in, make sure it's adequately padded and that the outside has stickers saying, "FRAGILE!"


Someone in our group (Cincypaddlers) was stopped boarding in Houston. They made him mail the paddle to Cincinnati, saying that it could be used as a club.

armored golf bag case

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It opens like a big clam shell and is fairly easy to pack. I can't claim this idea as my own. It was suggested to me by Dale William of Sea Kayak Georgia. I recently picked-up such a case at a local discount center for $40 (they retail for over $100). I will be flying with it for the first time later this week.

Last night I packed the case with my entire kayak kit (sans VHF radio). This included: two break-down paddles, pfd, tow belt, hand pump, helmet, neo skirt, 2 pairs of water shoes. bail out bag, repair kit, and the rest of my safety gear, etc.

It looks like just the ticket.

Safe paddling,

I kept the packing material that my paddle came in and boxed it up for my trip to Lake Placid this summer.

The hard golf case sounds better though. I’ve also been told that a large rifle case works.

I purchased a black, foam paddled,
plastic gun case. I checked it, and was asked to open it once. I felt it was safe that way, and because I checked it, the fact that my paddle could be considered a “weapon,” didn’t seem to be a problem.

BTW, because I am not that big, and have blonde hair, everyone wanted to know if I was a musician:)


I checked an interface probe
It is a very large and heavy piece of equipment with a long tape measure with electric leads leading down it to the probe part, which you send town a groundwater well. When it hits nonpolar liquids it makes one beeping sound, when it hits water it makes another beeping sound. When the probe is spooled into the housing, it looks on a very cursory glance like an old Lewis Machine gun. They checked it out at check in, and apparently did some other check (I think I bomb dog might have smelled hydrocarbon residue on it), and I was actually pulled off the plane and made to explain what it was. My fellow passengers weren’t too happy with me.

I’d check it
No personal experience, but have seen stories on other forums about problems trying to carry on a paddle, and with the “screener’s word is law” approach that seems to rule at least some airports, I’d think it’s easier just to go ahead and check it.