Foam backrest

Anybody knows who sell the preshaped foam backrest?

I believe these were originally “designed” for NDK boats but work just fine on other kayaks as well

Virginia Sea Kayak Center
…is the place to go, plus they’re very helpful and their prices are good.

I just checked their website and it appears that they no longer carry the pre-made foam backrests.

…Sea Kayak Georgia does. Accessories

I’ll check with them

make your own too
from 3 inch foam. My wife and I each replaced factory back bands in our respective P&H and Valley boats. Each foam rest is uniquely shaped yet provides greater freedom of hip rotation and easy of self rescue re-entry.

An alternative…
…is to laminate 3/4" or 1" foam to get the thickness you need, it’s cheaper and easier to find than 3" foam. Use Weldwood Gel Contact cement, two coats on each surface.

Which is what I just did…
…when I ripped out the backband in my AvocetLV. We didn’t have any clean 3" foam lying about, so I made my backrest from a template I drew from an old backrest, and glued together a new one from 2" to 1" scrap.

Works perfectly well.

yoga blocks
3 inch yoga blocks at Walmart

4 inch blocks at Target

You can pick them up today and carve them for a custom fit.