Foam Blocks (EPS or Polyurethane)

I’m considering taking a stab at making a surf kayak , want to base it on the Wilderness Systems Kaos. Would anyone know where I can get a block of foam in the 10’x30"x30" range?


not sure
But here is an idea - if there are companies in your area providing expandable foam insulation service, talk to them. Basically, make a box, ask them to fill it, voila.

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if I were to spent time to carve into a $200-300 block of EPS foam, I would go for something a bit more high performance than a kaos...

EPS (polystyrene) is lighter and takes on glass and epoxy well. 2 lb density is supposedly tight enough (compressed beads) to be almost waterproof. 1 lb, with more hollow space between the beads, will soak in water on a ding. Repair with the latter requires you to really give time for the water to drain. Otherwise the water left inside will lead to delamination.

Here's one link to a foam supplier:

There used to be one call Homeblown/USA but it seems to be gone. The parent company is in the UK.


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PS. Since the demise of Clark foam, the surf board shapers are finally figuring out the benefits of EPS over polyureuthane foam for lighter stronger boards. Surftech (USA) which has always used EPS has taken off. Island Waveskis (USA) and waveski makers in France and Oz have been using EPS for a long, long time.