Foam blocks

I got a bunch of foam and am wanting to fashion some foam blocks to use for cartop canoe carriers. Whats a good tool to cut the foam with? Anyone know how to laminate the block to make it “non skid”? Any advice, as always, is greatly appreciated.

A bandsaw works best for cutting minicell foam. If you don’t have a bandsaw, a bread knife will work in a pinch.

I assume that it’s minicell foam that you’ve got? I wouldn’t use any other type of foam for car carrying – minicell doesn’t absorb water like many other types of foam.

Don’t know about what to use to make the foam “non-stick” but you shouldn’t need to worry about it for the purpose of carrying a boat on your car roof.


I have used a jigsaw with a long blade.
It leaves a fairly smooth cut, just rough enough to take contact cement well.

Bread knife w/serrations

A simpler tack

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One can buy perfect blocks quite reasonably from New River Gear, online or call 800-527-9819.

Lots cheaper than buying glue, a band saw w/ 9" jaws and hoping to acquire the right foam and non skid layer.

You can get the non skid
shelf/toolbox liner at Harbor Freight, I think I gave $6 for 18" x 3’. It will work on foam, I have a seat cushion with it. Not sure what glue will work best.

Good Luck

Did you mean…
New River Gear?

Hacksaw blade

2nd Hacksaw blades
get as fine toothed as you can find, wrap electrical tape on the blade as a handle and saw away…works great…just be sure to template your cut with cardboard FIRST…foam is expensive…

New River Gear
Their web site says “For Wholesale Only”? No prices there either.

3rd - Hack-Saw

thanks for the response. I’ll give it a shot and let you know how it turns out.

Non-skid . . .
To make foam block non-skid, dip it in, or paint on, Plasti-dip (available at Lowe’s or Home Depot). It’s the rubber coating you find on many tool handles. It will also make the surface of the foam block more durable.

foam blocks
I have heard that an electric carving knife works very good to cut the foam. hope this helps

Dewalt Scroll Saw is amazing.