Foam blocks

Do the foam blocks allow a kayak to slide on them when loading a kayak from the rear on a SUV?

not too bad
…but the tailgate may get in the way. Some people just drape a towel or old piece of carpet over the top of the tailgate.

CRC Silicone
Spray bottom yak or tops foam

They are made to place the boats…

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They are not made to slide with the boats on them.

You could put a towel or a rag under them, and then if the boat is not too heavy it should slide with them.

jack L

Is the foam block…
fixed in any way to a crossbar? If so, then it may. If the block is just sitting on the roof, I doubt it.


In my experience
the foam blocks will slide on the roof before the boat slides on them

If the blocks go around a bar they are apt to rotate

They slide.
I put the blocks on the roof and put the boat on top. They slide, so I adjust them before strapping down the boat.


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If you are looking for something to slide on I use a rubber backed bathmat on the back of my high Ford Excursion. I load all my kayaks like that. I even use it for my 100 lb. 22' Current Designs XT tandem.

Cam straps
No photos in Goo images ?

A few:

Straps come with blocks if not buy 2-3 or DID from Seattle Fabrics maybe REI, NRS straps are super.

Straps wudbe at 14’+ long 1" wide

Straps go thru the slots in foam blocks with cam on correct for you or 2 oposite sides. The free end strap comes off bottom yak into came end coming over deck. This is correct but the other director seems as effective yet illogical.

You’really doing this on the ground. I do it on carbon Rd box from Walmart cut open

There is a grit problem with raw open ground

The system you have probably loops into the vehicle thru windows ? Feels dicey for window/door ga$kets. Probably a video.

Try silicone. Wal sells painters tarps for coupla $ possibly good for placing under hull for sliding n pulling from from over hood. Good in trunk…

Foam blocks
I guess I’m a little intimidated about loading my kayak by myself. I’ve seen ways to load a kayak and not sure what is going to work best to load and unload it off my Nissan Xterra.

first timer ?
you need stretching exercises before like now and before lifting. Lift few weights. Buy a small steep ladder. Wal steps need painting inside the tubes.

place hull on cardboard, carry bow up to front xterra rack …

place bow on outrigger…look up kayak rack outrigger.

then place stepladder at rear rack…lift stern onto rear rack

move bow into position off outrigger to center front rack.

the other choice is pushing the hull from stern onto truck.

both have dissypulls.

depends on length weight of hull height of vehicle strength of loader.

cost of hull replacements…

What kind of kayak,
how much does it weigh, and are you a guy or a gal?

Foam blocks

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I'm 5'7" and weigh approximately 190 and female.

Foam blocks
I have a Ocean Kayak Caper angler. It weighs approx. 46lbs and 11’ long.

Roof rack
From the photos I’ve seen, the Nissan Xterra has a rack on the roof. Your kayak is 31" wide.

If you’re using the foam blocks as kayak cradles on the roof, the suggestions of using bath mats on the car so you can slide the kayak to the roof were good ones.

I’ve never used them, but imagine you’d have to use a step stool so you could position the kayak on the foam blocks, then tie it down using cam straps and bow and stern tie downs.

Don’t know how often you paddle, but if you like to get out daily or weekly, that loading system will get old real fast. There are other excellent options, but they cost more than foam blocks.

options are many

here are rollers for the rear bar.

a best option is a lightweight frame for the hull to fasten to when leaned against the rear roof.

the frame mates to the roof rack

slide up and press a button for the winch.

or turn a crank.