Foam bulk head or float bag

I have a Jackson Zen with no bulk head. I was wondering if it would be best to build a foam bulkhead to go into and use their happy feet system or should I use a float bag for a foot rest.

For what it’s worth I just inflated a 15” $9 yoga ball under the deck of an OT rec kayak. It formed to the hull and deck nicely filling most of the area. The first time we went out she said she liked it for a foot rest over the foot rests that were in the kayak.

It came with a foam block that went down the middle and didn’t provide that much floatation. I just took it out and kept it if for some reason the yoga ball didn’t work. I didn’t even strap the ball in as it blew up in the high part of the deck and can’t come out the opening.

Just something simple I did not sure how it would work for you. It is defiantly better than no floatation.

Generally for a place to out your feet on in a whitewater boat, you want something stable, for boat control when doing things like edging and rolling. A float bag likely would have too much give.

But you wold want to fill the space in front of the foot brace with foam or a float bag for flotation.